500 Word Essay on Addictive PUBG Mobile Games

500 Word Essay on Addictive PUBG Mobile Games

PUBG is a term that you may have already heard. It’s short for PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds. Basically, it is a video game and it is a multiplayer battle royale game. It is very popular all over the world. However, the entertainment factor does not mean that everything is fine. The game has gone viral and is played by billions of people. Players have become addicted to this game. In addition, it affects your quality of life.

When the game was released for Windows, it received rave reviews. In addition, after its launch on mobile phones, it burned like wildfire. The craziness of this game has spread among all age groups.

What started as a fun game has now turned into an addiction. It seriously affects the life of the players and also leads to various crimes. For example, a child committed suicide due to an addiction to PUBG mobile games.

The game largely overlaps with the studies of the person. Students who have to study are wasting their time in this game. This leads to neglect of studies and also low concentration levels.

This is because PUBG mobile game addiction slows down your brain activity. Your ability to understand things and concentrate only diminishes. Even research indicates that the academic performance of PUBG players drops dramatically.

Likewise, people who work are also addicted to this game. It hinders their work and makes them lose their goals. They are busy playing PUBG instead of concentrating on their career. More than players who retire or skip meetings to play this game endlessly. Due to this addiction, they also miss their deadlines and don’t do their homework.

Also, PUBG mobile game addiction damages people’s relationships. He did it even where there were breakups and divorces due to this game. People spend all their time right now instead of spending it with their family and friends. It accentuates their relationships and causes them pain. Likewise, it has also resulted in numerous murders and suicides.

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How to control PUBG Mobile addiction?
We all know that overdoing anything is a bad thing, be it a video game or anything else. However, you also have to know that we can control any addiction with the appropriate measures. At first, try to reduce the time you spend in the game. Quitting it abruptly is not practical, so reserve a specific time and try to turn it on at that exact moment.

Also try to transform your mind. Don’t always stay inside. Get out and enjoy physical activities. When you have other things to do, your mind does not turn to the game. So, get together with your friends and try other hobbies.

Also, try to spend time with your family instead of handing over the phone or playing games. When you are surrounded by loved ones, you will not be interested in anything else. So use your time wisely instead of playing PUBG.

PUBG Mobile Addiction FAQ

Q1: What is the effect of PUBG mobile game addiction?

A.1 A very harmful PUBG mobile game. Create a restriction between personal relationships. Furthermore, it also makes a person’s career difficult. Also, young people are wasting their time and neglecting their studies just to play this game.

Q2: How do you control PUBG Mobile addiction?

A.2 There are many ways to control this addiction. You have to set a specific time to play them. Also, always identify and avoid triggers. Also, try to take your mind off the game and enjoy time with friends and family.

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