Ishq Mein Marjawan 2 27th October 2020 Written Episode Update

Ishq Mein Marjawan 2 27th October 2020 Written Episode Update

The Episode starts with Chanchal saying we are living in VR mansion since years and Riddhima is playing with our minds. Aryan nods. She says I was scared when Vansh was coming to me, its all your mistake, that girl would have turned to ashes. He says sorry, I will get us out of this problem. She asks what did you get. He shows the burnt card. She says its the same chip in which you recorded the footage. He says yes. He recalls finding the chip near the fire. Chanchal asks what, Riddhima had thrown this in fire. He says if we lost something, we gained a lot. She asks him to check it. He checks the chip. They see the video. They smile. She says your mistake is forgiven, I m proud of you. Ishani says its fun to have dessert date after going on a long drive with husband, I don’t understand why you got hidden in dickey, I just saw you getting out of the dickey, I wish I could capture that weird moment.

Riddhima says its fine, better luck next time, you need a proof to blame anyone, you can’t do anything without proof. Ishani says vert soon I will have proof that you have come here for a special motive, the day Vansh knows you are spying, you will pray to die. She taunts Riddhima. She says I will prove it soon. Riddhima says its all nonsense in your mind, you can’t prove anything. She thinks thank God, Ishani didn’t record, else Vansh would have known it. Ishani thinks to find proof, it will be found for sure. Riddhima gets ready and comes downstairs. She sees Vansh and Dadi sitting with the pandit. She thinks whose Shraddh is happening. She sees Ragini’s pic. She is shocked.

Pandit guides Vansh. Vansh asks Riddhima to come and complete the Daan Sankalp. Riddhima thinks why does Vansh want to show Ragini dead when she is alive. He says you are thinking why I did this suddenly, so that you get sure that Ragini’s story is over for me forever, I had given much place to her in my heart and mind, think its a closure, its imp to break relation with dead people to keep relations with people alive. Dadi says I like your decision, I m with you, a new start is good on Vijay dakshami day. Vansh asks Pandit to give the things to poor people. Vansh says I want to show my decision about my past, meet me in the garden. Riddhima asks what. He says if you ask, the surprise will get spoiled. He goes. Dadi says you should be happy, Vansh is doing this to make a new start with you. Anupriya says I told you Ragini is dead, you said Riddhima was confident that Vansh didn’t kill her, she fooled you Kabir, Ragini’s shraadh is happening.

She sees Chanchal and Aryan happy and thinks what did they get that they got so happy. She says Kabir, something is happening here that we don’t know.

Pandit says I m a brahman and can’t lie, their kundlis are opposite, I m surprised how they got united. Dadi asks him to find some way to solve the problem. He says some problems can’t be solved, sorry. She worries. Vansh says I don’t believe you. Ishani says you have to believe me, I have seen Riddhima leaving from this dickey. He says I have checked it, there was no one. She says Riddhima likes hide and seek game, you don’t believe me, I will show you the proof. She opens the dickey. She says its the ring which fell down in the dickey. He sees the nut bolt and asks is this your proof, stop giving childish excuses. She says fine, tell me, where is Riddhima’s ring, why isn’t she wearing it, answer me, I will accept that I have seen it, that was my imagination. He says you have no right to ask about our personal matter. He goes.

He asks Riddhima do you want to bring me out of my past. She says yes. He says then we will start with this, you have to break it. Riddhima gets shocked seeing the statue and drops the hammer. He says I will ruin everything that’s related to my past, won’t you support me. He gives the hammer back to her. He says its fine, I will help you, we will do it together. They together hit the statue. The statue breaks. He says I have completely removed Ragini’s name from my life, you should be happy, why do I feel, you want to remove me from your life. She says no. Ishani looks on. She asks why did you remove my gifted ring, answer me. She says its here. She recalls getting the ring from dickey. She says I had a rash, so I had worn it in other hand. Vansh sees Ishani. He says my past is destroyed, I want to make new memories with you, I want to hold your hand. Ishani goes. Vansh says tell me, will you support me. Riddhima thinks he did this to make a new start with me. She recalls Dadi’s words. She thinks I should support him. He thinks I have to leave the past baggage. She smiles. 

Angre touches the dhol. Vansh asks what the party is now. Dadi says I told Angre to play dhol, you should know about the married couples party, I think Riddhima knows about Karwachauth. He stops Ishani and says he’s also your first Karwachauth and Angre’s. Vansh says sorry, I don’t believe in this. Riddhima says I believe it, prayer is accepted with true intention and devotion. Dadi nods. Vansh look. Riddhima says that faith can also move huge mountains, love can also win the victory of the Lord, I will surely keep the fast. Dadi says we have to keep a special rasam, husbands will buy bracelets for their wives in the market. Chanchal asks Rudra to get him gold bracelets. They all smile. Ishani taunts Angre and leaves. Vansh stops Riddhima.

He says you don’t need to go fast for me. Riddhima says it’s my own decision, I stay with my wish. Vansh goes. Riddhima thinks I’ll keep the fast for Vansh by the way. She receives the message from Kabir. She thinks Kabir gave me this teddy bear on my birthday, why is she sending me photos? She receives the message from Kabir, happy karwachauth in advance. She pulls away. She calls him. She says that I missed you a lot, I kept our memories safe, you are the most special to me, I know you love me too, tomorrow is Karwachauth, I know that you will keep the fast for me, I decided to follow quicklyShe says yes, I’ll go. He sees Sindoor and thinks he is an imp, relationships become defenseless, this will become my weapon now, I will lead you to me. She says I’m waiting. She ends the call.

Riddhima is going to meet Kabir. She says she knew you were coming. She says I’ll stay fast for Vansh, I want to start a new life with Vansh. Vansh takes her hand. She looks at him. Kabir says you want to cheat on me, your new beginning will not happen, I will finish your love story.


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