Ishq Mein Marjawan 2 Nov 14, 2020 Written Episode Update

Ishq Mein Marjawan 2 Nov 14, 2020 Written Episode Update

The episode begins with Riddhima asking Kabir to leave. He says you forget something, he had sent you to Vansh, he had enmity with him, I admit it hurt when you rejected me for him, but I did not humiliate myself to arrest him for revenge, I arrested him, I put his watch near Ragini’s corpse. Riddhima says I had her watch, I took it to repair, Ragini died in front of me, Vansh was not around, your misunderstanding is the reason Vansh is not with me. Ask who shot Ragini, did you see him? She says no. He says it could be Vansh, right, the footage also shows that Vansh is trying to shoot Ragini… She remembers burning the card. She asks how you got that footage, I had burned it.

He says maybe someone saved the footage and sent it to me, that person was in the VR mansion, the police got Ragini’s body, Vansh’s watch was there, that footage too, what could he do, the older people They issue an arrest warrant so I came here Vansh snatched the gun from Mishra and forced us to that area, he tried to run, he would have been alive if he was in jail, I wanted to give him a fair chance, the matter is gone out of hand because of him, Vansh’s story is forever, if you want, you can come back to me, Riddhima. She says Riddhima Vansh rai Singhania, I am Vansh’s wife, now his widow, I don’t want to see your face, you are dead to me now. She closes the door. Mishra says he said a lot. Kabir says his heart is hurt, I also felt this pain when Riddhima left me and went to Vansh. Mishra asks where Vansh’s body can go. Someone is seen checking Vansh’s body. Kabir says I don’t know, we have tried to find, there is no wild animal to clean the body, I just said take cover in front of the family, okay, Vansh’s body will not receive the final rites. Someone is seen doing the final rites and looking at Vansh ID cards. Burns the body. Kabir says look Mishra, very soon the KR sign will be there instead of KR’s mansion, I will be the owner. The person turns and smiles. It’s Vansh. It says that each person receives an OTP that transfers good luck, my time has come. He’s leaving.

After 13 days, Riddhima sees Vansh’s photo. She says that it is 13 days that you left, it seems 13 years, it is said that the 13th is the last day of mourning, but I don’t think I can end my relationship with this pain, never in this birth. She cries holding her mangalsutra. Disconnect the call from Kabir. Anupriya says that my eyes are really hurt from this crying drama. Kabir says that all the pain is over, it is only happiness, it is time for us to take the next step, the new chapter of our life will begin. She smiles. She says it is our success. Mishra is coming. Kabir asks if you did my job. Mishra nods. Kabir says okay, now it will be fun. Riddhima seeks her mangalsutra. She sees Ishani leave and follows her. Ishani tries to cut the mangalsutra. Riddhima yells no. Ishani says to stop there.

Riddhima says nothing should happen to him. Ishani says I want to know the truth, I can’t believe that Vansh and Siya both faced so much that day. Aryan says enough Riddhima, we know that the story is false like your love, we know that you never loved Vansh, you only doubted him. Riddhima says don’t call my love fake, neither of us has the right to judge Vansh and me. She takes her mangalsutra and hurts her hand. She goes. Aryan asks, do you think he said right? Ishani says no, I’ll get the truth out of her. The Vihaan guy tries to hack something. He is going to have a coffee. He checks Vansh bank account and says he has a lot of money, finally it’s time, I have to go through the whole hard drive, the fun will start now. Get family photos. Control everyone. He says and this is Riddhima, the most beautiful member of the family, congratulations Vihaan, it’s your lottery, I have money and magic too. He smiles.

Dadi asks whose clothes are these. Anupriya says it’s my son’s uniform, someone kidnapped him. She cries. Vihaan says my journey to become Vansh begins. Kabir arrives and asks whose clothes are these. Anupriya says to leave it, it belongs to my son. Kabir says Maa … Riddhima is shocked.

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