Ishq Mein Marjawan 2 Nov 5, 2020 Written Episode Update

Ishq Mein Marjawan 2 Nov 5, 2020 Written Episode Update

The episode begins with Riddhima telling Ragini that you are now safe, I will protect you from the devil. Kabir thinks you are protected from the devil or you go to the devil, Riddhima does not know. Vansh angrily kicks things into the room. Angre comes and asks where Ragini went. Scream to breastfeed. The nurse arrives. Vansh scolds her. She asks you to tell her who came here, who she saw. The nurse says I don’t know anything, I heard a sound, someone put a chloroform napkin on my face, I didn’t see anyone. Angre asks how this can happen. Vansh says my hard work of 3 years was wasted, you know the meaning, we lost Ragini. Angre asks who has come here. Vansh remembers Riddhima.

Vansh calls Ishani. Ishani says that she has a high fever, that she is resting. Vansh asks if you saw her. He shouts. He takes his gun and says I know who did this. Riddhima says we’ve risked our lives to catch Ragini, Kabir promises me, you will take care of Ragini, I trust you, nothing should happen to him. She says you don’t need to ask for my promise, Ragini is my responsibility now, I promise I won’t let anything happen to her. He takes her hand. He smiles.

He says it is not necessary for him to return to the virtual reality mansion, that his mission is accomplished. She says no, it’s not true, I don’t know how I fell in love with a demon, Vansh has to give me answers, the moment I get my answers, I will leave the VR mansion forever. Kabir says it’s okay. She thanks him and tells him that I’m sorry, I know I have hurt you a lot, maybe I deserved it. Riddhima says, it’s not your mistake, you don’t deserve any punishment, Vansh deserves it, you trusted her, she broke your trust, she deserves it, her plans are failing, she couldn’t stay with Ragini, humanity and goodness have.She nods. He thinks it’s enough that I have Ragini with me, humanity, goodness, you can’t imagine what I’ll do with her, I just won, you and Vansh became foolish and lost. Get Ragini out of the car. Riddhima comes forward. Kabir lays Ragini down on the couch. He smiles. He calls Anupriya and says mom, congratulations, I have Ragini. She asks what, seriously, magnificent Kabir, I have prevented everyone from coming to Riddhima’s room. You think this nurse shouldn’t get up. She hits the nurse’s head. She says Kabir, I’m sure Riddhima will come back, I have to get out of here, what are you going to do with Ragini? She says what she deserves. She injects Ragini and thanks her for coming to private hell. Vansh is coming home. Riddhima hides and watches. She says thank goodness Vansh didn’t see me, he’s going to the room, how will I get there?

Ishani says thank goodness I got the duplicate room key, I will find out if Riddhima is there or someone else. Anupriya stops her. She asks what your problem is, don’t bother Riddhima. Ishani says you always do this, why do you care about Riddhima? Anupriya says to stay away from this. Ishani says no, Vansh asked me to check it out, stay away, let me do my job. She takes the key and says that you are behaving strangely. Vansh comes in and says enough with you two. Ishani says he was going to check the room. Vansh asks for keys. Anupriya says you hurt yourself, I’ll make your bandage. She says I have to fix something first. She gives the keys. She thinks I’ve stopped him as long as I could, Riddhima didn’t reach, now she’ll know. Vansh looks up and yells that he’s not here. He thinks that Riddhima what you did today, you will be punished. Riddhima comes out of the bathroom. Vansh says … you were in the bathroom. Riddhima remembers walking in through the window and apologizing to the nurse. She asks the nurse to leave quickly. Send the nurse out the window. FB ends. She says yes, why do you see me like this? I came out of the bathroom. Anupriya says Vansh, I’ll do your bandage. Anupriya and Ishani leave.

Vansh looks at Riddhima. See her knee bleeding. Walk towards Riddhima. She comes back. She asks what happened. She thinks that if he knew something, why is he looking this way? He pulls the dried leaf out of her hair. He asks how you got this sheet in your hair, you were lounging in the room all day right. She says I couldn’t sleep, I stood at the window to get some air. He checks and says I heard he got a fever and then he left. She says the doctor gave her an injection, I feel better now. He asks why not, everything went well, correct, you have what you wanted, correct, come. She asks where are you taking me.

She says that she knew who my mother’s killer is, so for 3 years now, she had fought to keep her alive. She says it means you didn’t kill Ragini. He says no, why am I going to kill the person who could have helped me ?, I pointed the gun at him. FB shows Vansh scolding Ragini and asking him to answer if she was with him for money. Ragini says yes, it’s true, believe me, there is another truth that I want to tell you. Says you cheated on me, you knew I loved you, you did this to me. She says no, I didn’t cheat on you. He pushes her down and says you know I hate lies, there’s nothing left now. She says no, don’t kill me, forgive me. Vansh points the gun at him. FB ends.

Riddhima believes that he had seen it in pictures, it means that he is telling the truth, what happened. She says they shot her a bullet. She asks if you shot. He says no, he wanted to kill her, I pointed a gun at her, but I couldn’t, because I’m not a criminal, I can’t murder anyone. She thinks I got it wrong. He thinks that also of the person he loved. FB shows Ragini getting shot. Vansh is shocked and says who fired the bullet. FB ends. Riddhima asks who fired the bullet. Anupriya says that I fired the first bullet. Kabir smiles. He sees Ragini and says that he thinks he’s very smart, that he was dreaming of controlling me. She remembers … Anupriya thinks why Vansh didn’t shoot Ragini, he had provoked him so much. Ragini says that before I was looking for money, but I really love you, there is another truth, I want to tell you. He asks what you will tell me, you broke my trust. She says you’ll trust me Anupriya shoots him. FB ends. Vansh cries upon seeing Riddhima.

Precap: Vansh cries saying that she may not be able to do justice to her late heavenly mother. She falls to the ground and hurts her forehead. He is unconscious and falls into the grave. The wind is blowing. The leaves begin to cover it. Riddhima says he won’t let anything happen to him. Everything happened for her. She tells him to open his eyes.

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