Ishq Mein Marjawan 2 November 16, 2020 Written Episode Update

Ishq Mein Marjawan 2 November 16, 2020 Written Episode Update

The episode begins with Chanchal asking if Riddhima said anything. Ishani says no, I know her story is really false, she can try to hide the truth, but I will find her. Aryan says the lawyer delivered the papers, Vansh had given Dadi the whole name. Ishani says thank goodness, if Vansh had nominated Riddhima then she would have danced in our head, it means he had a doubt about her. Chanchal says leave the will, he will be running the business after Vansh. Ishani receives a call and leaves. Aryan says I thought we would get everything, but he put it on Dadi, what will Dadi do about it? Chanchal says that Vansh gave Dadi the name, the game is in our hands, be the best grandson for Dadi, she will name everything for you, you are the only son left now, I do not know when Siya will return in sense, we only have to provoke Ishani against Riddhima, it’s all yours.

Riddhima asks Dadi what you are doing. Dadi says that it is Vansh’s tervi, Anupriya wants to donate some things to those in need. Riddhima says it’s okay. She asks Anupriya if I can help. Anupriya says no. A man receives a package for Anupriya. Riddhima signs and receives it. She asks Anupriya to check it out. Anupriya asks you to open it and see. Riddhima sees the backpack and clothes. She asks what is this. Dadi says it’s an old boy’s uniform, whose is it. Anupriya cries. Riddhima asks is this of your son. Anupriya says yes, my son who was kidnapped when he was 5 years old, had this bag and bottle that day, never came home. She cries. Riddhima says there is a letter inside. Anupriya asks if my son wrote it. Riddhima says no, Raghav wrote it. She reads… I kidnapped your son Anupriya, I kidnapped him for money, when you didn’t give me money, I threw your son into the river, but they punished me, I’m suffering from cancer, I found out about you, I am sending you this so you can forgive me. Anupriya cries and asks why they punish me, my children shouldn’t be punished.

Riddhima brings him a glass of water. She asks Anupriya to be strong. Anupriya says that I have hurt you so much, that I never trusted you, so they are punishing me, forgive me. Riddhima says calm down, I have no complaints. Dadi takes Anupriya with her. Doorbell rings. Kabir arrives and sees Riddhima. She asks how dare you come here, get out. He says that he had called you, I came to say goodbye for good, I took my transfer to another city, I’m leaving, I can’t return what you lost, I want to meet everyone and apologize. Riddhima says it is not necessary. Ishani asks him out. Anupriya says we lost everything, what do you want? She says nothing, I came to ask for forgiveness. Ishani asks him to leave. She stops and sees the uniform. Ask whose uniform and bag is it? Aryan asks why you care, just go. Kabir checks. Anupriya says to leave it, it belongs to my son. Kabir says it’s mine. She says enough nonsense, it’s my son’s. Ask what, Maa…. Everyone is shocked.

He asks if you are my mom. She asks what nonsense. She says that I was 5 years old when I went to school in this uniform, someone kidnapped me, you don’t trust me, the first initial of my name is written behind this necklace, see K. She shows it to everyone. She asks how you know. She says I’m your son, but how did you get this? That kidnapper kept it. She gives the letter and cries. Ishani says the kidnapper threw him into the river, sorry, but they didn’t save him. Kabir says well, that kidnapper threw me into the river, I was drowning, a policeman saw me and saved my life, he tried to find my parents, he raised me, I became a policeman because of him. Anupriya says it means that you are my Kabir. She hugs him and cries. Riddhima looks.

Anupriya says that I can’t believe my son is in front of me. Kabir says I can’t believe you’re my mom, I don’t remember anything, just mom’s love. She cries. Hugs her. She says what plan you have made, everyone is convinced. Says a great performance. She says look, today I was leaving the city and I took my mom, I got all my happiness, I stayed away from mom’s love, but now we will stay together, come with me. She says stay here. Chanchal asks if he will stay here now. Kabir says I know I can’t stay here, but Mom can stay with me, you come with me. Dadi says stop, Anupriya is a family member, you can’t take her, Riddhima is Vansh’s wife, she has the right to decide if you stay here. Anupriya and Kabir ponder the game if she says no. Ishani please think Riddhima, say no. Riddhima says yes. Kabir smiles. Anupriya thanks Dadi and Riddhima. Kabir laughs. Riddhima thinks of Vansh. FB shows Riddhima buying food for Vansh. She asks are you upset that Anupriya didn’t tell her about her son? Vansh says no, I’m sorry she didn’t trust me, that I won’t respect her or accept her son as my brother. Show the water bottle. He says his mom’s first gift to me is precious to me, I didn’t tell him that I love those water bottles, I was seeing this in the store, mom understood and gave it to me. He says that I want justice to be done to Mom, she is a stepmother, but she gave me a lot of love, I want to find her son and make him my brother, if life sustains me, I will give Mom a gift. FB ends. Riddhima says I know if you were here you would have done this too, I wish you are happy, I am your Riddhima, I will always do what you would have done. Ishani says that Riddhima made a big mistake by bringing Kabir to this house. Aryan says I see Kabir’s face on this punching bag. They get angry. Ishani says that Vansh would never have let Kabir come home, perhaps Kabir knew the story of Anupriya and used it to come here in Vansh’s absence. He says I think you’re right. She says I hope she is not wrong with the family, that she may have enmity, we have to show Riddhima her place. Kabir arrives in Riddhima.

She asks how dare you come without calling. She says I’m sorry, I came to thank you, I didn’t think you would let me stay. She says I did this for Vansh, not for you, my hate will always be there, you are responsible for Vansh’s death, get out of here. He says it’s okay, relax. She asks him to get lost. He asks what happened to you, I found out the truth later, I’m also sorry that Vansh left, now I’m like Vansh too, I’m the son of this house. She says no one can be like Vansh, you can never be like him. She says that time will show. She asks what you said. She says I mean, it takes time to meet someone, you will know that my intentions are not wrong. He’s leaving. She says why I feel weird, I was wrong to let him stay here. Vihaan says his work will be finished in an hour. The man says there is another job. Vihaan says I have no time for small things, I am planning something big now, my journey to become Vansh of Vihaan starts today, Riddhima did the last rites of Vansh’s body, now I go. He smiles.

Riddhima thinks about why I feel like Anupriya and Kabir have been together forever. Get Kabir’s grade. She says it means they’re cheating on us. Kabir says he knew you would come to this truth. He pushes her into the pool and says it won’t take me a second to kill myself.

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