Ishq Mein Marjawan 2 November 18, 2020 Written Episode Update

Ishq Mein Marjawan 2 November 18, 2020 Written Episode Update

The episode begins with Kabir saying wow so you found the truth, okay yeah, it was all my plan. Remember to have damaged the new bag. He says that no one can say that this bag is not old. Put away some books and stationery. Put the things in the box and seal it. He says that now when this box with this letter arrives, Mom will tell that story, everyone will believe us. FB ends. He says yes Riddhima, I have worked hard, no one knows, but you always come between my plan, I am sad, you stayed with me for years, you did not understand me, you do not know the volcano that hides in me, I knew that you would come to the truth, so soon, not bad. She says I got to know the truth, I’ll tell everyone. He scolds her.

She says I planned everything from day one, they didn’t hesitate. She asks what you said. She remembers her moments of love. She asks what was that love a lie, you played a game with me. He says that I was helpless, my mom had to leave her own child and give love to her stepchildren, she was doing it for my future, but my childhood was spoiled, I stayed away from mom, how can I not hate Vansh, since then I decided to take everything from Vansh, I will make my place in his house, he was powerful, I had to weaken him, then I met you, I knew that you can weaken Vansh, you helped me, I broke Vansh for you, I knew that I happily you would give your life for love, I respect you, you supported my mission, you came here to get proof against Vansh for my saying, you also have Shera, I asked you for a sacrifice, you did too, you married Vansh, wow, love should be such. Riddhima asks if it was a lie, you did it intentionally.

He says yes, all those promises were lies. She says you asked me to obtain evidence against Vansh to frame her in a bogus case. He says yes, I told you that Vansh killed Neha, she was the first martyr in my history, I miss you Neha, I had also made you come to death, remember, what did you think? That bullet was for Vansh, no honey, the bullet was for you, I wanted Vansh to come to you and pour her heart out in front of you. She cries. Then he says one by one, he gives you the proof of Ragini’s murder, then you give me the proof, then Vansh killed that old man, he killed, Vansh said he didn’t kill him, you didn’t believe him, because you believed the one you loved. She says it was my biggest mistake. He says no, your biggest mistake was giving me Ragini, you told me that Ragini is alive, you got Ragini from Vansh and gave her to me, you didn’t know you helped me. She asks if you tried to kill Ragini, you lied to me. He says yes, I am very talented, yes Riddhima, I was that masked man. She is shocked. Says you almost failed me, good job, my destiny was always with me, then I became conscious and killed Ragini. She says it means you shot Ragini, you killed her. He says yes. She cries.

She pushes him and yells at Kabir. Says it’s no fun knowing now. Remember the words of Vansh. It says that Ragini died, because she knew who the murderer of Vansh’s mother was, it means that you killed Vansh’s mother. He says no, that I didn’t kill her, that she had killed Vansh’s mother, the one who had stolen the painting. She remembers Anupriya. She says she killed Uma, it means her love is fake. Anupriya comes and says yes, I had to do the drama, Siya knew my truth, I had to attack her in a hurry, I did this to bring my son home. Riddhima says you arrested Vansh and got that memory card as evidence. She says you burned that card, but Aryan got it somehow, then my lovely mother got it from Aryan, then we hit that cliff with Vansh, then .

Riddhima asks if you went crazy, is pregnant, show some humanity, you can’t do it. He says I’m not like that, how will I get humanity? She will be punished, she insulted me in front of everyone, she will be shocked, and then the bed next to Siya will be reserved for her. She says no, you can’t do this. She says go, run. She goes. He smiles. Riddhima sees Ishani and asks him to stop. Ishani listens to music. She goes to her room. Riddhima goes and stops Ishani. They fall. Ishani asks what this bad behavior is, how dare you push me. Riddhima says that I just…. Ishani says you know I’m pregnant, anything could have happened to my baby, you’ve lost it. Riddhima says he was trying to save you from live power lines. Ishani says to make an appointment with a psychiatrist. Kabir and Anupriya arrive. Kabir asks what the problem is. Turn on the lights and smile. He says Ishani thank goodness nothing bad happened, handle the baby, Vansh was expecting this baby, you know, accidents can happen at any time with anyone, take care. Ishani says I didn’t take anyone’s advice, I don’t need your advice, enough, don’t turn my room into a park, get out. Kabir says this was just a preview, the image is still there. Riddhima looks at him.

Kabir says Riddhima, you are trapped in my Chakravyuh, this is Kalyug, no Lord will come to save you. The thugs attack Riddhima. Vihaan comes to save her. Hit the bullies. Riddhima is surprised to see Vihaan.

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