Ishq Mein Marjawan 2 Oct 17, 2020 Written Episode Update

Ishq Mein Marjawan 2 Oct 17, 2020 Written Episode Update

The episode begins with Anupriya saying that today I will be punished so that no stepmother tries to give love to her stepchildren. She does a drama. She stabs herself. Vansh gets in the way. Everyone sees Vansh’s hand hurt. Anupriya says Vansh, I was punishing myself, why did you forgive me? He cleans the trident and keeps it close to the idol. She silently walks away. Everyone goes. Anupriya goes to Riddhima and scolds her. She says there is still time, just change your ways, otherwise you won’t stay here for long. Riddhima goes to Vansh. She says leave me alone. She says let me do the bandage. She says you only know how to give pain, I don’t want any bandage. She stops him.

Ishq mein marjawan… .plays…. They look. She says I am your wife, it is my right and my duty to do this, I care about your injuries and I feel them too, I have hurt you, sit down. He sits. Chanchal says I will wear jewelry in aarti, I was so scared I thought if Vansh knew our secret, what would happen. Aryan says Riddhima got to Anupriya’s secret and was blackmailing her, we thought she was innocent, she can expose our truth at any time. She asks how he will know, she is always with Anupriya and Vansh, he will not leave us, he left Anupriya, since she is his mother. She says to relax, to be careful, what Riddhima is heading for and why. Riddhima sees the wound and helps.

Ishq mein marjawan… .plays…. Vansh says the family trusts each other, they don’t hurt each other. Riddhima says give me a chance to explain. He asks to trust me, why can’t you believe that I didn’t hide anything about Ragini? Why do you find it somewhere? Your silence gave me the answers, whatever I do, you don’t trust me and you never will. . He says that you have hidden a lot, I have also seen the world, marriage is not only about seven rounds, sindoor and mangalsutra, when this broken trust is over, I will feel that our relationship really began, we will not need to ask for trust. He goes. She cries. She says why Vansh happens, I try to make a place in your heart and everything breaks, when will our distance end. Vansh says I know there are many things hidden from me, I did not think the truth about mommy’s first child would come to light, Riddhima sent a package for Sejal in the Mumbai address, when he said that Sejal is in Dubai, I just bragged , I did not know this truth will come to light. Siya says it’s shocking to me and to all of us, when I heard Riddhima talk to someone about Ragini, I was careful. She remembers listening to Riddhima.

It says that Riddhima has many secrets hidden in it. Siya remembers the words of Riddhima. She says that she always takes care of your problems, that she was shot with you, that she cannot harm anyone, some truths are necessary to hide, otherwise those truths hurt us, like Mom’s. Ask what’s up with the Ragini thing, Riddhima wants to know the truth. She says maybe because she’s your wife, she’s curious, she’d be insecure, maybe this is called love. Says love has confidence, not insecurity, she doesn’t trust me. Riddhima holds her bangles. She says that this red color is a trap for you, but it is one of love and devotion to me. She remembers her marriage and prays to Mata Rani. She says give me the strength to tell Vansh the truth.

Dadi comes and hugs her. She says that tears are very strong, Lord does not deny royal devotion, Vansh is not a human, his family is an imp to him, you are his family too now, you support him as a wife and protector. Riddhima says you are right, I will do my best to fix the relationship, I will go wherever. She prays. The flower falls on her. Dadi says you got the blessing from Mata Rani, now keep the nine fasts for Navratri, just pray for Vansh and your relative. Riddhima prays. Dadi says we’ll get the aarti right first, get a plate of aarti, keep all the items in the suhaag, get them from the backyard warehouse. Riddhima sees Sejal’s call. She thinks about why Kabir is calling now. Dadi says that Sejal would come to meet. Riddhima says he went to Dubai.

Dadi says I’ll talk to her. Riddhima thinks I saved Kabir’s number by the name of Sejal, Dadi will know. She says you said I have to make the aarti dish, I’ll talk to Sejal later. Dadi asks him to leave. Riddhima goes. Kabir says you don’t know my status, it’s because of Vansh, I’ll be suspended from work forever, you can only help me. He asks her to obtain evidence against Vansh. She says sorry Kabir, I can’t do this, Vansh is innocent. He asks if you decided, then you would have proof of his innocence, you will stay with him, you could not know that he is a demonium. She says I trust him. Someone looks at her. She says you don’t know him, stop saying this, I live with him, he saved my life, whoever wants to kill can’t save lives, I don’t want any proof, I’m sure he can’t kill anyone.

Riddhima watches a video. See Ragini pleading with someone. She thinks who is Ragini’s killer. Vansh wakes up.

Update credit to: Irfan

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