Ishq Mein Marjawan 2 Oct 22, 2020 Written Episode Update

Ishq Mein Marjawan 2 Oct 22, 2020 Written Episode Update

The episode begins with Vansh searching for a file. Riddhima understands. He picks her up and makes her sit up. He asks you to rest. She says I’m really fine, are you going somewhere? She says yes, I’ll be back in the morning. She thinks I’m sure your guilt will be erased, then we can start over. He asks you to take care of yourself. He’s leaving. She thinks please don’t take the laptop. Get the first aid kit. She asks what is this. Says you hurt your nails, tetanus shot is necessary, otherwise it may be septic. She says I’m fine, I’m not in pain, keep it. She gets scared. He stops her.

She says I’m scared of injections, go, you’re running late. He smiles and says it only takes 5 seconds. She says I don’t want to, I’m too scared. Says well, relax. They have an eye lock. Ishq mein marjawan… play…. Says Riddhima, I have to say something, if you listen to me then I will have courage. She believes that he is going online, doing great business and does not dare to say three words. He says I want to tell you, I … She asks me … He gives her the injection and says that he meant that the tetanus injection is necessary, that it is okay to do the right job the wrong way. She pinches him and says you cheated on me. She says she just had to say that, what did you guess? She says I won’t tell. He stops her. She says that you will listen to me, everything is set in my life, whatever I want happens. He hugs her. Ishq mein marjawan… .plays….

Plan to play the footage. Insert the memory card. She sees the images. She is surprised to see Vansh. Ragini pleads with Vansh. Riddhima says it can’t be Vansh. Vansh is coming. The vase falls. Riddhima is surprised to see him. It comes with a pistol. He asks what you were seeing. She checks it and finds it. She remembers turning it off. She says you just left so I wasn’t sleeping, I saw your laptop and I thought about using it, I was trying to turn it on, but it didn’t happen. He goes and says my meeting was canceled, so I’ve come back. She remembers the video and thinks that Vansh had a gun in his hand, Ragini was scared, it’s Vansh the killer. She says I’ll go. It says stop. He takes her. She thinks that Vansh cares a lot for my family and me, he saved me many times, he can’t take anyone’s life, maybe he only threatened Ragini, why would he leave evidence against him, maybe someone made this video against you, maybe third? The person was there too, it can’t be the truth, I have to find out the truth. She says I explained to you that you need to rest, you don’t listen. She thinks that I will not get peace, tomorrow is Dusshera, tomorrow will lose evil, all secrets will open, my faith will win.

Aryan arrives at Riddhima with a knife in his hand. She is going to stab. Chanchal comes and stops him. Vansh turns to them. Chanchal hides his face. Take Aryan home. She scolds him. She says thank God, I was on time, what would have happened today. He says I’m at risk, I can’t take any more risks, understand, I’m hiding this fear in my heart, it came out. He remembers capturing the Vansh video. She says that Riddhima has that footage, it means she can ruin us, no…. I can’t let it happen, Vansh can’t know. FB shows Aryan running and dropping the memory card by mistake. He’s leaving. He says I’m afraid Vansh will get the proof, so I want to kill Riddhima. Chanchal says nothing will happen to you, Vansh will not doubt you, we can use Vansh, I have a plan, I need some time.

Riddhima receives the call from Kabir. She thinks I can’t talk to you. She gets your message … I will be suspended in 3 days, any evidence against Vansh will be helpful, did you get anything? She has the memory card in the bracelet. She says I’m sorry Kabir, I have an incomplete truth, it’s more dangerous than the total truth, I’ll tell you after I know. Kabir gets angry and sees the photo of Vansh and Riddhima. He says you think you can cheat on me, you are making a big mistake, you are proving yourself wrong, I know you well, mom informed me before that you have proof, you are trying to hide it from me, love is like a sword, you are lying to save your love , this love will kill you, I have made you come to the virtual reality mansion, you are playing a game with me, intelligence is good, but not cunning. He calls Anupriya and says that the pawn has changed his mind, that he is lying, that we have to do something.

Vansh takes a bath and comes. See a note … I know what happened to Ragini. Yells Riddhima. She comes in and asks what happened Vansh. She slips. He holds her in his arms. Ishq mein marjawan … play … He asks if you went crazy. She says sorry. Show the note. Ask what is this. She is shocked. Lee … I know what happened

Precap: Ridhima wonders who can send that message. There is someone at home who wants to create a difference between her and Vansh. Aryan hides and listens. She says it is possible that Aryan had a camera in one hand and a pistol in the other. On the other side, Anupriya tells Kabir to finish off Ridhima. She has no right to live now. Kabir says that after 2 hours the bad time for Vansh will begin. Meanwhile, Ridhima says it is time for the secret of Ragini’s death to come to light. She is going somewhere. Aryan hits his head with a stick and falls unconscious. Aryan and Chanchal put her in the trunk of a car. Vansh comes and looks at the car.

Update credit to: Irfan

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