Ishq Mein Marjawan 2 Oct 23, 2020 Written Episode Update

Ishq Mein Marjawan 2 Oct 23, 2020 Written Episode Update

The episode begins with Vansh angry at Riddhima. It says what you want to know, your question is not to let you live, forgive me, I’m fed up. She says listen to me once. She says that enough is enough, that nothing will happen to fire if you put your hand in it, but your hand will burn. He warns her and leaves. She sees the note. She says who can send that message. Aryan hides behind the chair. He thinks mom was right, Ragini’s story is creating a wall between them. Riddhima says someone wants to create a wall between me and Vansh, who can it be. She remembers Aryan.

She sits in the chair and thinks. She says he’s Aryan, maybe he was the third person that day, maybe he had a tape recorder in one hand and a gun in the other, maybe Aryan is the killer, it can be anything, I have to find out, if those incidents they happen again, Vansh won’t trust me, I can’t fight alone when there’s so much danger. She goes. He thinks you’re thinking a lot, you’ve invited your death now, just watch what I do.

Anupriya says that I killed her, that she did such a thing, that she has no right to live. She gives him the gun. It says you said well. Point a gun at Riddhima’s photo. She says I pity you Riddhima, why didn’t you do what I told you, so sad, your death is near, anyway, mom, I have to find out the evidence. She asks if he can be related to Aryan, why he wants to save Aryan. He says she is saving Vansh, not Aryan, I know her well, I think the evidence also involves Vansh, that the evidence will be the jackpot for us, we have to get it. She says, but how do we do it, it’s not the old Riddhima. She says it’s time to play mind games. He calls Riddhima and tells him he has to answer. Riddhima answers her call. Starts to act. He says he was very worried, you’re fine, you don’t know what happened now, I fell asleep and had a bad dream, someone killed you, you were dead, you had something, someone was trying to get it, you don’t I disagree and it killed you , you’re fine, I’m so worried, just tell me. Think of Vansh. She says yes, I feel like someone wants to hurt me. Ask what, who is it, tell me the name, I’ll teach you a lesson. She says I’ll take care of it, I need your help. Ask what. She says I have a recording related to the Ragini murder. He asks if you saw it. She says that Vansh is targeting Ragini. She says yes, we have proof. Says I told you Vansh killed Ragini, we have proof, wow, I’m so proud of you. She says that Vansh is not the killer, I didn’t see the full footage, the story is that the killer has recorded the footage, I think it’s Aryan.

It says I’ll send the footage to my forensic expert, but I want that footage, can you send it to me? I’ll get the truth out. She says okay, when you are ready to help me, I will try to send the pictures. It says great, I’m proud of you. End the call and hug Anupriya. She says that finally, our motive has been fulfilled, Riddhima does not know that the end of Vansh is near. Riddhima says that I will find the whole truth of that footage, it’s time to end Ragini’s secret, I won’t let anything happen to Vansh, I promise, I feel like I’m close to the culprit of Ragini. She sends a message to Kabir. I’ll go to your office and give you footage. She says I have to meet Kabir and come back in 2 hours. Kabir says that the destruction of Vansh will begin. Riddhima sees Vansh. Dadi asks them to light the diyas together, so that their relationship will also shine as the diya light. Riddhima thinks Vansh is upset. It says to be careful, otherwise you will burn. Get a call and ask what, are you sure? Is it a confirmed news? There he puts his phone. Riddhima picks up her phone. Vansh yells get off my phone, you do nothing but spy, keep your silly excuses to yourself. Dadi says it’s a holiday, calm down, put your phone away, you’re yelling at her, rate her. Vansh looks at Riddhima. Dadi explains some rasam to get rid of problems. He says I have to go do imp work, you won’t stop me today, I’ll be back before the Dusshehra celebration. Riddhima thinks he looks worried, otherwise he doesn’t talk to Dadi like that. Riddhima takes Dadi’s permission and leaves. Anupriya believes that Riddhima has gone to meet Kabir. Dadi prays for the safety of Riddhima and Vansh. Riddhima is leaving. Chanchal and Aryan hit her on the head. Riddhima passes out. Chanchal says that once we know her past, we will see what to do. Vansh comes out. Aryan lifts Riddhima up. Come come to Vansh. Chanchal says you said Vansh went to the office. Aryan says that he leaves at this time every day. Vansh sees the car.

He takes the stick and tosses it aside. She turns to go. Aryan remembers putting Riddhima in the dickey. Chanchal says that we will take Riddhima and hide somewhere safe. Aryan says relax. Vansh gets out of the car. Chanchal says Vansh took Riddhima, what will we do? Aryan says I will ask Vansh to leave Riddhima here. She says think about something, if Vansh knows that Riddhima is in a joke then our neck will be in his hand, what will we do if Riddhima becomes conscious? Riddhima coughs and moves. Vansh stops the car and drives off. She pushes the dickey and says how I got here She remembers the blow to her head. She comes out of the dickey. She says where I came from, it’s Vansh’s car, someone had hit me and locked me up, where is Vansh going. She continues. Vansh is going somewhere. She turns to see. She hides. She says what is he doing here, what am I doing, spying again, Vansh doesn’t like it, I can’t do it, he thinks I don’t trust him. She turns to go. Hear a girl’s voice. He sees a closed door and thinks what to do. Hear Vansh talking to a girl. Think about how to find out what is going on inside. She looks through the keyhole. She is surprised to see Ragini alive. She thinks Ragini is alive.

Precap: Riddhima is kidnapped. Aryan shoots the fire arrow at the statue. Vansh yells at Riddhima and runs to save her.

Update credit to: Irfan

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