Ishq Mein Marjawan 2 Oct 25, 2020 Written Episode Update

Ishq Mein Marjawan 2 Oct 25, 2020 Written Episode Update

The episode begins with Riddhima thinking that I was so wrong when I came to this house, I thought you were Ragini’s killer, you are her protector, I will find a way to win your heart once more. She remembers her moments. She says I’m ready, we’ll go together. Vansh goes. She says that you still think that I don’t trust you, that I will soon prove you wrong, that you will come to see me soon. Angre collides with Ishani. She says you look pretty today. She says that I have always been pretty, these sweets are for you, enjoy. She goes. Angre thinks she did not speak well to me, is this her prank? Check the box. She thinks her face won’t be right to finish the tilak. She remembers putting a cookie inside. Look from afar and smile. He gets a call and says I’ll go. She keeps the box and leaves. Ishani sees Dadi with the box. She is shocked. Run to Dadi. She says these sweets are for me. Dadi says I’ll keep him as a bhog, you can keep him. She says I want to have it now, give it to me. Allow only 5 seconds for the explosion. Drop the box and think Angre was saved. Dadi says you dropped the box. Angre comes to ask for sweets. Dadi says he fell for Ishani, come and help me.

Aryan faints at Riddhima. She comes to Chanchal and says I have taken care of Riddhima. Chanchal says wow, Riddhima deserves this. He says that Riddhima has the chip with her, that she will die and that the chip will go with her, Riddhima will die. Chanchal says it will be good. Dadi asks Vansh if he came alone, why didn’t he receive Riddhima, it’s time for Vijay Tilak. Vansh says he’s getting ready. Dadi asks Ishani to go see. Ishani says that Riddhima is not in her room. Vansh thinks where he went. Angre says I’ll go see. Aryan smiles and thinks that you will not get Riddhima, I have hidden her in a special place. He puts Riddhima behind the effigy of Raavan. It says that your Dahan will also occur with Raavan today. Aryan says I’ll go see too.

Chanchal says that we should not miss mahurat. Dadi says we will wait some time. Vansh says that Riddhima is not there. Angre says he’s not outside. Aryan asks where he can go. Vansh says his phone is off. Aryan thinks I’ve been careful this time. Vansh thinks where he went. Chanchal says Ishani and Angre can start the tilak, Riddhima will come soon. Dadi makes Ishani do the rituals. Ishani thinks I hate you Riddhima, I hope you never come back. Dadi feels sad for Vansh. Vansh remembers his words. He thinks she got mad at me. Dadi says he will come, don’t worry. Vansh says that, of course, I’m not worried. Dadi says you can’t lie, I can see it in your eyes. Aryan believes that your tension will end with Riddhima. Chanchal says that Riddhima will come and join us for Dahan. Dadi says it’s fine, only 10 minutes left, come. Vansh thinks how can she disappear, she never refuses Dadi, she was ready, how can she get out. Why is your phone turned off?

Aryan believes that find him as much as you want, you will only get his ashes. Aryan says that this time I will do Raavan dahan. Dadi says that Vansh always does this rasam. Chanchal says that Aryan is also the son of this house, he can do the ritual. Dadi says we are worried about Riddhima, you are talking about rights, before burning Raavan, burning the evil of the heart, let Vansh come at least. Chanchal says it’s okay. Chanchal says he was warning us, his pyre will burn in front of the family. Dadi asks Vansh if he found Riddhima. Sign no. She asks him to come for the rasam. Chanchal asks Aryan to start the rasam. Aryan takes the fire arrow and shoots. The arrow falls before the statue. Aryan says relax, I didn’t take any shooting courses. Vansh says I think we should put in more kerosene, then it will burn fine. He’s going to put kerosene on. Chanchal and Aryan worry. Vansh thinks why my heart sinks like someone bad is going to happen, if she has a problem. Vansh sees Riddhima’s bracelet there. Aryan aims another fire arrow. Riddhima dropped the bracelet’s beads to the ground as Aryan carried it away. Vansh believes that it is Riddhima’s ghungroo bracelet, it means that Riddhima is inside the effigy of Raavan. Aryan shoots. Vansh yells Riddhima….

Precap: Kabir enters the mansion to find the chip. Riddhima is saved. Vansh burns the effigy of Raavan. Riddhima smiles.

Update credit to: Irfan

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