Ishq Mein Marjawan 2 Oct 28, 2020 Written Episode Update

Ishq Mein Marjawan 2 Oct 28, 2020 Written Episode Update

The episode opens with Kabir saying Riddhima, I knew you would come to meet me, come sit down. He takes her hand. Says it’s our place, I have something to show you, done. She nods. Pick up the red cloth and show your photo. He says it is Sargi for us, we will have it and keep the fast, make up an excuse and come, then we will break the fast, we will give each other food. She stops him. She says I can’t do it. Says I forgot, I know you can’t come, I’ll go there. She says no Kabir, you won’t come there and I won’t come here, I’ll keep fast for Vansh, not you.

She says I know your heart will be hurt, but I am helpless, I had married Vansh because of your saying, my marriage was just a commitment, but I know him closely, I couldn’t understand when he made a place in my heart, I’m not that one Riddhima who loved you, I’m Riddhima Vansh Rai Singhania, it’s a relationship, faith and emotion, I can’t fool Vansh. She looks.

She says I know I told you that I can give my life for love, but I did not think that the rope would break with you and join someone else, it happened, no one can control love, I just came to explain this. you cannot live with misunderstandings, I want to open the knots in front of you, I am very sorry, forgive me if possible. He stops her and tells her not to do this, that you can’t end our relationship, I love you. She says please, sorry. He says answer my question, you said you loved Vansh, but Vansh loves you. She said yes. He asks if you confessed love, you accepted Vansh, you thought what would happen when he knows your truth, you were cheating on him, your relationship was part of a mission, about us, you were mine.

She says I thought I would tell her the whole truth when the time comes, I promise myself that I will be sincere in the relationship. He says sit down, you think she will have a new beginning with you, your state will be like Ragini, he had killed her. She argues. She says you don’t know what happened to Ragini. He asks if you know.

She thinks my truth is incomplete, I hope I can give your answers. She says I don’t know, I didn’t get evidence against him, you didn’t get any evidence, that’s enough, I’ve decided, it won’t change, I want to start over with Vansh, I’ll tell her everything after the Karwachauth fast, I have to break the old relationship, hope you understand, I leave my past here. She gives him the ring chain. She goes. Kabir sits thinking of her. Throw the ring. He ruins things around him. Riddhima says… Riddhima… no…. You want to cheat on me, you want to stay fast for him and have a fresh start, I can screw you up, you can’t think about what can happen to you.

Riddhima sees Vansh and her photo. She believes Vansh I’m ready to take the next step in our relationship, I can’t wait any longer. Vansh comes in and says that the fast did not start and that you are crying with hunger. She says no, something got into my eye. Ishq mein marjawan … touch … Ask how you will see the moon if your eyes do not clear. She says I’m fine. He takes her hands and blows into her eyes. She cries. Gets your tear. He asks why he chose to fast, if he doubts me. She says that one can get to know the person better after doubt, I wish that person understands what he means to me, he does not trust me. He smiles and says that’s not fair, what’s the use of being hungry? She says that I hope she understands my feelings, that she knows she is my soulmate. They smile. He goes.

Dadi says that we will start rasam with Angre and Ishani. Ishani says that you are forgetting the first rule. I heard that if the husband gets the wrong bracelet and then is punished for sleeping out of the room, we should keep this rasam. Dadi says yes, we will know which husband knows his wife well. Ishani thinks I will get license to take Angre out of the room, he can’t understand the size of my bracelet. Angre shows red armbands. Ishani says you have crystal bracelets for me. Riddhima says that the gift obtained with love is purer than gold, I heard that glass bangles are auspicious. Dadi smiles. Angre makes Ishani wear the bracelets. Dadi says very well, Angre, you have shown that you know your wife well. Ishani thinks about how he knew my size.

Chanchal and Rudra sit down. He likes gold bracelets. Rudra tries. He says you don’t know the size of my bracelet. They all smile. Rudra says that maybe you got fat. She hits him. It says healthy. Dadi says Rudra, you have to count the stars tonight, you have to stay out of the room. Riddhima and Vansh sit down. Riddhima asks if you think the size is right. Vansh says you think I know you or not. Siya says diamond bracelets, do you like it? Riddhima says yes, a lot. Anupriya believes that you made my son cry and celebrating happiness here, I will burn your happiness soon. Riddhima thinks Vansh won’t know the size of my bracelet. Vansh makes her wear bracelets. He remembers taking the bracelet from him. She smiles. Vansh believes that our relationship is not so weak that I lost this little rasam. Riddhima believes that I will stay fast for Vansh, I wish the fast would be completed without any problems.

Dadi asks Riddhima to apply mehendi. Someone adds some chemical in mehendi. Riddhima shows her hands. Dadi asks Anupriya to give sargi to Riddhima. Anupriya acts and drops the plate. Ishani says it’s a bad omen.

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