Ishq Mein Marjawan 2 Oct 31, 2020 Written Episode Update

Ishq Mein Marjawan 2 Oct 31, 2020 Written Episode Update

The episode begins with Ishani saying that Riddhima lied saying that she went to the temple, that she has come to spy, I love you and I care about you, but Riddhima is playing with your love, her love is a drama. She thinks Vansh will ruin Riddhima’s life now, like she ruined my life. She goes. Vansh gets angry. Riddhima decorates the room. She says I hope you like this, you will try to know that I care about your love and your feelings. Vansh remembers the video and says that this Karwachauth and fast was a trap, a lie, Riddhima came with me in the dickey, I went to meet Ragini, she followed me, she knows that Ragini is alive. She says I want to tell you Vansh that there is a difference between the past and the present, I am not that Riddhima who came to ruin you, I am that Riddhima who accepts that she is your wife. Vansh says he trusted you, but not anymore, the game will be the same now.

Anupriya says that Chanchal and the whole family are in bidding, are you sure the card is with Chanchal? Kabir says yes, you said they were together, they were worried when Vansh saved Riddhima, then they relaxed, they got the card. She says I think you’re right, I’ll see. He asks you to check there. She says to check under the pillow. She goes to check. See a book under the pillow. She says there is nothing here. She says I’m telling you, the card is there in that room, check it out. Chanchal arrives. Anupriya says yes. Chanchal asks what are you doing in my room. Anupriya says she was looking for the tablet, my head hurts. Chanchal helps her. Anupriya thinks he has the card. Riddhima sees Vansh with the gun and hides.

Vansh says I’m looking forward to the day, he had fired a bullet that day and there are still five left, but today he will be in the right place. Angre goes. Vansh says that Riddhima shouldn’t know about Ragini’s plan, that he can’t get to the truth about Ragini. Riddhima thinks that means he was wrong about Vansh. She remembers the footage. She says it means that Vansh is a great criminal, I was wrong to think that he cannot kill anyone, that he did not save Ragini, that he caged her, that he is a criminal, that he will kill Ragini, it is because of my feelings. for Vansh. See Vansh taking down Ragini.

Riddhima is surprised. Blood falls on Vansh’s face. Ragini falls dead. Riddhima returns. Vansh turns to Riddhima. He points the gun at her. Wipe the blood off his face. He shoots her too. She screams no. Your dream ends. She doesn’t see Vansh. She sits crying. She thinks Karwachauth was this, our relationship was going to have a new beginning, a new truth is coming to light. Dadi says wow, the decorations are pretty, you did this. Vansh says no, Riddhima did this. Dadi says good that you have come, you have decorated it well. He applies black dots to protect against poor eyesight. She says they both always stand up for each other. Vansh says this is my family, I am a shield for my family, if someone gets in the way, I will do my duty, I will not step back even if I have to kill someone.

Dadi says just say all these things, eat together now. She goes. Riddhima asks if someone special gets in the way, won’t your hands shake? Vansh says cheating is cheating, cheating on loved ones hurts, how can I forgive? Riddhima says okay, tell me, before our new start, is there anything I don’t know about your story that you want to tell me? She thinks I’m giving you this chance. He says yes, I have to say it, you look very beautiful today, now tell me, you have to tell me something that you should tell me. She says no.

He asks are you sure? She says I have nothing to tell. He thinks I have given you many opportunities, you did not keep loyalty, look what I do now. He goes. She says I have nothing to do with it, I don’t know this Vansh, what do I care. She remembers Kabir’s words. She says Kabir was saying okay. She cries.

Angre asks what to do next, should we take Ragini somewhere? Vansh says no, I’ll handle it myself. Angre nods. Riddhima looks. She says that no one knows what is happening inside Vansh, what he wants, only one person can give answers, Ragini. Dadi says that Mata chunni is beautiful. Riddhima says yes, I thought about staying with chunni, I’ll go today. Dadi says yes, go. Ishani comes and says no, you want to go alone, I also want Mata’s blessing, I will also go with you. She thinks I know you want to go somewhere else with this temple excuse. Dadi says no, Riddhima will go alone, your gynac is coming, go Riddhima back. Riddhima thinks Dadi saved me, otherwise I wouldn’t have been able to meet Ragini. Hire a car. She thinks I have remembered the memories of that day and I know the route. She will blindfold. She remembers and guides the driver of the car. She prays. Open the blindfold and see the house. She thinks that thank God I came to the right place. She walks in and sees the lock on the door. She says it means Vansh can’t be here, I have to open this lock. Try to break the lock. She breaks the lock. She enters. She says Ragini … .. Go to someone covered with the blanket. She moves from the blanket. She is shocked.

Precap: Riddhima asks Ragini who is responsible for her condition. Ragini points to the photo of Vansh. Vansh arrives and sees Riddhima there.

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