Ishq Mein Marjawan 2 October 16, 2020 Written Episode Update

Ishq Mein Marjawan 2 October 16, 2020 Written Episode Update

The episode begins with Riddhima saying which saree I will wear for Maa’s aarti. Dadi gives her the sari. Mayura talks to Riddhima on duty about Navratri puja. Riddhima remembers dropping her phone. She wishes happy navratri. She says I wish you always find the difference between good and evil. Mayura says he was wrong, I wish there are no misunderstandings between us. She wishes him the best of luck. Riddhima says to take care of himself and ends the call. She is going to get ready. Angre says Ishani, how can you use those clothes for Mata rani’s aarti? It’s not okay, Dadi won’t like it. He scolds her for ignoring him. She asks how dare you take my headphones. She angrily rips her shirt off and says you’re ready for Mata aarti now, that you were lecturing me. He scolds her and asks her to wear clothes according to aarti, only then will she get her headphones. She goes.

Dadi asks Anupriya to let Riddhima keep the chunri for Mata rani. Dadi sees Vansh and catches him. Vansh looks at Riddhima. He takes the bracelets and forces her to wear them. Dadi says that your problems in marriage will end with this ritual, if the husband makes the wife use it, that’s fine. Vansh approaches Riddhima and says that the color red is for Suhaag and that the color of the trap is blood, red blood. He believes that I have to know the secrets hidden in your heart. His hand is hurt. He says don’t worry, I’ll apply the medicine to him. Chanchal says that a shagun’s bracelet broke, it is abshagun. Dadi says you have a good shagun. Vansh says ask Riddhima if she’s shagun or abshagun, she knows everything. He goes. Riddhima stiffens. Pray to Mata Rani. She thinks how can Vansh know my secret if Sejal didn’t tell him anything, his trust was broken, I’m a cheater for him, tell me what to do, how to earn his trust. Light the diya.

Dadi says that since Vansh’s mom left him, he never celebrated Navratri, never did puja, his pain is fresh, he stays away from everyone. Aryan says that everyone knows his pain, his wife does not know his pain. Dadi says it’s not Riddhima’s pain, he’ll know when we tell him. Dadi asks Riddhima to tie the chunri and start the aarti. Riddhima ties the aarti. Riddhima does the aarti and prays. Riddhima goes to get the phone. Anupriya asks what is Riddhima hiding.

Riddhima receives the phone. She says you always think that I am hiding something, it is nothing in front of your secret, I was finding my phone, you are intentionally hiding your secrets, I cannot advise you, before someone else tells your secret, you better reveal their secret. Anupriya smiles. Riddhima says that your Navratri begins today. Anupriya says you think you will tell and I will run to tell my secrets, how stupid. Riddhima says I made a big mistake, when you burned Vansh’s mother painting, I should have told Vansh. Someone look. Anupriya says you are crossing your boundaries, I will decide to bring it up or not, you are acting to be Vansh’s ideal wife, I know how sincere you are, you also have secrets, you are also cheating on Vansh. She goes. Riddhima thinks how can he know my secret, what is going on. Dadi calls Riddhima. Riddhima goes.

Chanchal says I don’t know what will happen now. Anupriya asks what are you doing here. Chanchal says I came to ask what we will wear for the puja, I got the message from Vansh … come to the hall, a big secret will come out. She asks him what he’s planning. Anupriya think about what will happen today, relax, he will not know my secret. Chanchal says Aryan overheard Vansh say she’ll expose a cheater in our family you know, I think it’s Riddhima, she got Kabir there. Anupriya asks why you are so scared, you also cheated on Vansh correctly. Chanchal worries. Anupriya asks why he kidnapped Sejal at risk. Chanchal thinks how he knew. Anupriya says leave it, come.

Dadi asks what happened Vansh, why did you call us, it’s about Navratri. Vansh says I have to punish someone who cheated on me. Chanchal worries. Anupriya believes that he will never be able to doubt me. Riddhima asks who Vansh is. Vansh says that the devil who deceived us is from our family, I say it after thinking well, the person who was always close to me, who took care of me. Go to Riddhima and say that whoever always wanted me, they are punishing me, I came to know that care and love was acting. Anupriya believes that Riddhima has finally been captured. Aryan says it’s about Riddhima, Mom. Anupriya says that that person is one, Riddhima, she also broke our trust. Vansh says no, Riddhima is not the cheater, you are the cheater. Anupriya is surprised. Yells at you.

Riddhima thanks Maa for helping her. Anupriya thinks that how Vansh found out about Kabir and me, impossible. She says I’m your mom how can I cheat on you She says that you have cheated on me, I have a lot of love from you, you never let me miss my mom, I trusted you, I never thought you would cheat on me. Remember the painting of her mother. She says you burned my mother’s painting and blamed Riddhima. Anupriya thinks oh, it means he doesn’t know about Kabir and my relative, he’s saying about painting, I can easily save myself with a little more drama. She says yes, I admit that I burned that painting, you punish me, listen to me once. Say yes, you can clarify. She says I always tried to keep you happy, one person always stopped me, your wife Riddhima. Riddhima ask me? Anupriya says yes, Vansh. She keeps her hand on the diya and swears by Mata rani. She says that I will only tell the truth, so that this question does not come up again, Riddhima had blackmailed me for this truth. Vansh stops her and asks her what to blackmail. She says she had kept this secret from you and this family, I had a child before my marriage. Everyone is surprised.

Anupriya says I have kept it hidden until now, I was immature that time, someone kidnapped my son, I couldn’t find him, I don’t know where he is now, your dad knew my truth, I promised him that I will always do it I love you all like a my own children, I have seen my son lost in you Vansh, I burned your mother’s painting to end the bitter feelings in your heart and make room for me, this is my crime, cheat, whatever you think, you can punish me, Riddhima He took some photos of this secret, he had blackmailed me, I did not tell them anything so that our trust would not be broken, I accepted his conditions. Riddhima asks when I blackmailed you, why are you lying. Vansh yells shut up, you…. my mom doesn’t lie. Anupriya cries. Vansh says you’re lying, you’ve blackmailed my mom, whatever happened to her before marriage, that incident, how dare you play so bad with her? Riddhima says I didn’t blackmail her. Anupriya says that he is trying to make my truth a lie. Riddhima says look me in the eye, you think I’m lying. Anupriya says no, I am the liar, I will punish myself. She takes the trishul and says that they will punish me, that I don’t want to live. She stabs herself. Vansh and everyone is surprised.

Update credit to: Irfan

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