Ishq Mein Marjawan 2 October 26, 2020 Written Episode Update

Ishq Mein Marjawan 2 October 26, 2020 Written Episode Update

The episode begins with Vansh yelling Riddhima. Run and hold the fire arrow. Everyone thinks what is happening. Aryan thinks about how Vansh found out where Riddhima is. Vansh takes out Riddhima. Everyone is surprised. Dadi asks what happened to him. Anupriya thinks who can do this, how did he get to the Raavan idol, if Chanchal and Aryan did this, okay, it should have worked. Chanchal tells Aryan, Vansh will make our Raavan if he knows. Aryan says that Vansh will know, Riddhima will become conscious and tell everything. Says we’ll take her inside. Vansh takes Riddhima inside. Riddhima becomes conscious. Dadi says that evil always loses to good. She talks to them. Aryan asks Chanchal to change her expression. Vansh asks Riddhima if she’s okay, who did this to her. Riddhima says I’m fine. She says tell me your names. Riddhima points at something. Chanchal says I didn’t do anything. Vansh gives the juice to Riddhima. Riddhima thinks she knew it was you two, I didn’t say your names, I just wanted to see fear in your eyes. Riddhima drinks the juice. Riddhima says I was tired and passed out. Vansh asks how this can happen. Dadi says it can happen, Riddhima was working hard.

Riddhima asks if Raavan dahan happened. Dadi says no, there is still time, you have to do his vijay tilak, good and love have conquered evil, he loves you very much. Ask for sindoor plate. Riddhima says it’s okay. Makes Vansh sit on the couch. She leans in and shares her maang’s sindoor. Vansh keeps the tilak. Look at Riddhima. Ishq mein marjawan … play … Dadi smiles. They all watch. Kabir gets there. Anupriya says I called him, I thought Riddhima was unwell, so we need a doctor. Riddhima says it’s not necessary, I’m fine. Vansh asks you to have a checkup if the doctor has come. Dadi asks the doctor to do it fast, they have to go for Raavan dahan. Anupriya believes that Kabir has come at the right time. Kabir checks Riddhima and says his bp is low, there is no other problem, give it to him. Vansh says yes. Kabir leaves. Riddhima and Vansh go ahead. They exit the house. Kabir thinks he goes for Dahan Riddhima, I’ll prepare to burn Vansh lanka here.

He says I have to find the chip. Looks for. Dadi asks Vansh to do Raavan dahan as usual. Vansh shoots the arrow. The raavan dahan happens. Anupriya believes that Kabir is planning your dahan Vansh, he would already have that chip. Riddhima has the chip in the rice. She remembers Kabir’s words. She remembers Vansh and Ragini. She thinks I want to destroy this Vansh chip too, nothing can create a misunderstanding between us now. Kabir checks everywhere. He says I can’t miss a chance to ruin Vansh. He goes to Anupriya. She asks if you got the chip. He said no. She asks why. Riddhima believes that good will overcome evil. Kabir thinks that this time evil has to win, I will make it possible. Riddhima believes that Vansh is innocent, Ragini is alive, only he can answer why he has hidden her, I will erase all misunderstandings and start again, I have a beautiful surprise for him. Kabir believes that the dahan of your love will happen, I will kill Vansh and then start a new life as the owner of the VR mansion.

Angre and Ishani argue. He says you planned to spoil my face forever, I had trusted you, you did this with me, I saw this box, your love was your new plan to hurt me. She asks so what, I’ll do this until you leave my life. They argue. Riddhima goes to her room. Kabir arrives. She is shocked and says that you came here as a doctor, what are you doing, just go. She says she was worried that you didn’t come to my office. She asks him to leave. He asks you to give him the card, he will help her. She says I don’t have the card. He asks why, you had it. She says I don’t have it now, Vansh didn’t kill Ragini, that card and footage don’t matter to me, just go.

She says I want that card, you understand, I’ll find out, Vansh is a killer or not, give me that card. She says you’re hurting me He leaves her. She says I’m sorry, you’re fine. She says I’m not okay, sorry to tell you about the card, I don’t care, I know Vansh didn’t kill Ragini, what’s the meaning of arguing about it. She stiffens and says Vansh has arrived. Vansh enters. Kabir goes. She stiffens. He asks why you are so tense. She says no, I was just standing, I have something for you, it is our first Dushehra, I have sweets for you. He smiles. She says we girls used to celebrate like this at the hostel.

He says that he should have rested, that he was almost dying. She says that I was saved, we should celebrate, it’s called evil overcoming good, you saved me, I thought about feeding you sweets, which one are you going to eat. Says laddoo. She says it’s okay. He asks are you talking about something else? She says of Ragini … Drop the candy. She says you don’t know of any other topic than this. She says no. He says she is dead, the relationship is spoiled when someone comes between husband and wife, a dead girl comes between us, you always investigate her, this name filled our relationship with poison, you must have burned this name in the fire. He goes. She cries. She thinks why Vansh calls her dead if she’s alive.

Riddhima sees Ragini’s shraddh happening. Vansh says think of it as a closure. She asks her to break the statue of Ragini. He forces her to do it.

Update credit to: Irfan

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