Kasautii Zindagii Kay Aug 24, 2020 Episode Written Update

Kasautii Zindagii Kay Aug 24, 2020 Episode Written Update

The episode begins with Prerna saying that I will take everything from Anurag. Mr. Bajaj says it’s okay, do you feel better now? She says sorry for facing problems for my stupidity, thank you for always being there, you never left me, thank you very much. He nods. Komolika sees Anurag outside Prerna’s gate. She gets angry. She says that when Prerna and Anurag are together, a scene is created, he hugged her in the bathroom. Ronit says she was crying, it was a drama, I assumed wrong. Komolika says she will cry now, she doesn’t know what I’m going to do with her now. Prerna looks. Komolika stops to tease her. Ronit says Mahesh is calling me, I’ll see you later. He goes. Komolika says that I am sure that Mr. Bajaj has strong arms to hug you, Anurag is my husband, his arms are only to hug me. Prerna says the last time you were in her arms was my husband. Komolika asks if you will take him from me, are you in love with him, you will die without him.

Anurag remembers Prerna’s words and cries. Kasauti … play … Moloy and Mohini are coming. Anurag goes. Mohini says that Prerna always comes into my son’s life. Moloy says I thought you love Anurag more, you get it. She says that he means a lot to me, that he is very sad. She says she is in pain, that her pain will never end. He goes. She says I understand him well, I am his mother, he is upset and angry, he feels no pain, Prerna left him and now she came to hug him, otherwise Anurag cannot do this.

Komolika asks Prerna to answer her. Prerna says I am very sorry for you, I hate Anurag, I will not take it away from you, you do all this, it is your nature, you have taken the company from Moloy and you act to reverse it, you are not like that, Anurag knew about you and He took everything from me, he pretended love, but he wanted to take everything away, the two of you are a perfect couple, cheap people. Komolika says who are you, an average girl from a middle class family, you are talking to me, Anurag is only mine, remember this. Prerna says yes, stay with him, I don’t want him. They argue.

Prerna says that I think that when she is with you, she forgets that he is your husband, thinks of me and hugs me. Anurag believes that Prerna behaves very maturely, I wish I could give you back the old days, you were so happy, I can’t take any more. He sees the photo of Prerna and says that I want to hug you and tell you that enough is enough, tell you everything, but it is useless, I will be relieved, but you, they will call me selfish, your life will be ruined, I can. I do nothing, nothing. He remembers her words. Komolika approaches him. She says we’ll talk later. She argues. Prerna thinks of the photo of Sneha and cries. She thinks she broke my dream and now it’s her turn. Komolika yells at Anurag. She says not today, we’ll talk tomorrow. She asks how you dare to hug Prerna, you have shown your feelings. He holds her face. She says I’m tired, we’ll talk tomorrow.

She says I’m tired of you, listening to the same nonsense, I did a lot for you, but you only think about her, you can’t see me, what I’m missing, you have Prerna in your heart, not me, love her well, answer me . He screams that yes, I love her, I only think about her, she is in my mind and in my heart, she is my world, I can love her, you can’t stop me, did you think how helpless you have made me? you told me, look at me, you sent me to the bridge with Prerna, you know how happy she is, she had love for me in her eyes, she had faith, I pushed her like garbage, I don’t think about what happened, I was so shocked, I couldn’t think that I could do this with her, think of her once, breaking someone’s trust is breaking that person, you can’t think about this. He gets angry. He says he hates me today. He yells at her. Komolika says I never thought, stay away, go and talk. She says you are afraid that she will hurt you, what did you do in 8 years, you are thinking cheap, I hugged Prerna like a helpless father to Sneha, I wanted to know where my daughter is. She remembers fire.

Precap: Samidha falls and gets hurt. Anurag and Prerna fight to help her wound. Samidha looks and asks if they are husband and wife.

Update credit to: Irfan

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