Kasautii Zindagii Kay Aug 26, 2020 Episode Written Update

Kasautii Zindagii Kay Aug 26, 2020 Episode Written Update

The episode begins with Samidha asking Anurag to help him. She gets scared and walks away. She sees it and laughs. Prerna gets there and sees them. She asks him to get away. She pushes him and does help. He pushes her and tells her I’m doing it, why do you get in the way? She is a brave girl. She asks him to wait. She asks how you hurt yourself. Samidha says that when I saw Anurag … He says I did nothing. She says I happily ran up to him and fell. Anurag screams and says she is hurt. Prerna does the help. She also closes her eyes like him. Prerna asks what happened. He says nothing, give him the ointment. She asks are you ordering me? He says yes, my daughter Diya says that I am the best father in the world, you are weak, you should not be around children. She asks Samidha to be brave. Samidha makes him apply the ointment. She says I’m strong, you were scared. Says Prerna can’t do anything. Prerna and Anurag argue. They ask Samidha who she loves the most. Samidha smiles. She asks if they are husband and wife. Anurag and Prerna remember their marriage.

Komolika goes to check the door. Get some papers. She thinks Anurag has to sign it and then my work will be done. Prerna says no. Samidha says that Priyanka says that she fights with her husband in front of the boy and asks the boy who he loves the most. Prerna is sad. Anurag says that we will not break your trust. Samidha asks how he got hurt. She says last night … She asks Prerna to apply ointment. She says it’s okay. Prerna says she’s fine, she doesn’t need me. Samidha says he’s hurt. She thinks I’m really hurt. Samidha applies the ointment and asks Prerna to blow on it. He thinks Samidha is a stranger, but she seems like family, she’s changing me, someone who made Prerna and I forget our fights. Kasauti … play … Prerna sends her to the car.

Anurag says you like it. She says I don’t want to talk, that you did wrong with Kuki, I started the investigation, if you’re involved, I know you are, then I won’t let you. Samidha greets Anurag. She goes with Prerna. Anurag is also leaving. Komolika looks and thinks that if they had met before, I would have been angry, now I am happy, they do not know what they have given me. Kaushik remembers Kuki’s words. He asks the principal about the paper leak investigation. She says it started. He thinks that thank goodness Kuki will be saved, they will know I’m involved, but his name will clear.

Prerna takes Samidha home and asks why Priyanka didn’t come. Samidha says I was busy at the ashram, I came here to find you, the guard saw me, some lie is fine. Prerna asks you never to lie. Samidha says sorry. Prerna says there’s a surprise for you, guess what? Samidha asks him to say so. Prerna gets her favorite rasgullas. Samidha thanks her and says that I like her, maybe I liked her since I was in my mother’s womb, I think I’m like my mother, I miss her and I think she’s with me. She shows her clothes. She thanks Prerna. Prerna asks what is this. Samidha says that Priyanka says she was wrapped in this chunri, when she found me, I think it is my mother’s chunri. Prerna is sad.

Anurag gets hurt. She remembers Samidha. Komolika arrives. The director calls him and says the investigation has started. He says that’s good, it’s about the university reputation. She says that Kaushik and Monish’s phone records will be reviewed. He says, of course, that it doesn’t matter if they are related to the manager, let me know. She certainly says, thank you. Go to Komolika and ask her what happened, why did you come, if you were bored at home, there is nothing interesting here. She says there is one thing that is very interesting, you …

She says you didn’t say goodbye to me. He pushes her away. She says that I came to know about the university matter, they have sent papers, they need your signatures on these papers. Says good. Check the papers. She hugs him. He asks her to get away. Pawn comes in and drops the tea on the table by mistake. She gets angry. She scolds the pawn. Anurag says that I have signed the papers, see, I’ll take care of this. She smiles.

Komolika says Prerna will fall, I have entered the battlefield. Prerna asks Priyanka how Samidha got here. The man says I demolished the ashram. Priyanka tells Prerna about the demolition.

Update credit to: Irfan

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