Kasautii Zindagii Kay August 28, 2020 Episode Written Update

Kasautii Zindagii Kay August 28, 2020 Episode Written Update

The episode begins when Komolika comes to see Anurag. Is in the bathroom. Rohitash says the permissions are there, but I’ll confirm it from Anurag. She responds to Mr. Rohitash’s call. Ask for Anurag. He says he’s in the bathroom, you can tell me, I’m his wife. She says she wanted to ask you if it is certain that she will demolish the orphanage, many orphans live there. She says I’m sorry, I spoke to him, he had made up his mind, he’s a great businessman and wants a profit, he discussed the matter with the affairs committee, did the demolition start? He says yes. She disconnects and says what would be happening Prerna, you would be crying.

Prerna says a lawyer is coming. Samidha says we want our home. Prerna says that I know the feeling of losing home, I will help you, you are like my daughter. She hugs Samidha. Samidha says you take me by the hand and promise me. Prerna says we will do something different. She makes a pinky promise. Priyanka gets excited. There comes the lawyer. Prerna goes to him. It says that I sent the letter to the municipal commissioner and also appealed to the courts. She asks who is trying to do this. It says that the land owner Anurag Basu is behind this. Prerna is surprised. Anurag asks what happened, you have my phone. Komolika says she was getting calls, I answered the call from the municipal commissioner, she invited us to her son’s birthday party, I refused, it’s Ronit and Shivani’s mehendi tomorrow. She says don’t touch my phone next time, I’ll answer her. She thinks I’ve done what I wanted. Priyanka says it is the land of Anurag, how can he do this, he’s a good man, I can’t believe it, he gives us a donation every year. The lawyer says that Basus is building a shopping center here, the orphanage covers half the land, he can do whatever he wants, he owns the land. Priyanka says he is a good person and then a businessman, maybe it is for some personal reason, how can he break our house?

Prerna thinks she’s hurting Samidha to hurt me, she’s trying to get revenge. The lawyer says it will happen if we talk to him, tomorrow he will know everything. Prerna says it’s our battle, I want an answer from him. Priyanka asks him not to speak in anger. Prerna screams. Kuki collides with Kaushik. He hugs her. Chahe bolo already … play … He says I came to work. He asks you to tell what it is. She says my dad is in Bangalore, he will come home tomorrow, I don’t know what he will think if I stay home, I don’t want a bad impression, I’ll take the departure letter and study elsewhere. He asks what, you’re going to drop out of college. She says you know what happened to me, I better go. She goes. Prerna comes to Basu’s house and shouts Anurag…. Rakhi says that maybe Anurag forced her to behave like this, what’s going on. Mohini gets mad at Prerna. Remember the words of Komolika. She says you don’t need to get into this, don’t stress, it’s the business rivalry, I have some work to do. She goes. Prerna asks where Anurag is. Komolika says it’s my room, outside. She smiles. Prerna asks where he is. She scolds Komolika.

Komolika says that everything is fair in love and war, he has moved you, when you cried, he hugged you, he was angry to see you both in that situation, then he told me what he was doing, he was playing with you, he said he had fun Seeing Prerna broken again, who wanted to make a shopping mall, you took the land from him, I tried to talk to him, he has a cold heart, why are you so interested? Prerna says that you are also involved. Komolika says it’s okay, we did this job together, what’s the situation there, tell me, did they demolish it? Prerna says I stopped the demolition, I will save the children, her ashram will not be broken. Komolika says try it, it will happen, do whatever you want. Prerna says I accept this challenge. She goes. Komolika says you could not save your own daughter, how will you save the children of others? Prerna says I will save this time and make it Samidha’s house. Nivedita looks.

Mohini says not to react on the demolition of the ashram. Nivedita says there are many homeless children. Komolika scolds her. Prerna says I could not save my daughter, but I will save you and this ashram. Samidha asks what happened to her daughter.

Update credit to: Irfan

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