Kasautii Zindagii Kay August 29, 2020 Episode Written Update

Kasautii Zindagii Kay August 29, 2020 Episode Written Update

The episode starts with Kuki saying that the lady said I can’t leave the university until the investigation is completed, she thinks I did this. She cries. Kaushik says I know you didn’t do anything. She says that everyone thinks so, but not Madam and the authority, said I can get a letter of justification, I can’t wait, I can’t study anywhere. She says tell me what to do, I can threaten the director and get her the letter. She says it’s the real world, if you go you’ll rust She says we will go to Kali Ghat, which is my favorite place. She says angrily, I should go home. Prerna cries. Samidha arrives. Prerna says that I could not save my daughter, that I will not let anything happen to you or this ashram. Samidha asks what happened to you. Prerna thinks she’s really here. She asks if you came alone. Samidha says that Priyanka came to show the papers, she wanted to meet you, tell her to never stop me from meeting you. Prerna says come, I’ll tell you.

Kaushik thinks of Kuki. He says I never liked that girl, why did I feel like I could never see her again? She became an imp to me. Kuki thinks of Kaushik. She calls him and says that I called you to apologize, I don’t know what you’re thinking of me. She says I can flirt with anyone, but not with you, you would be smiling now, you are not like other girls, you scream and get angry, but you are sweet, pretty and kind-hearted. She says you called me trouble before. She says you called me stingy, I understood that you are not like other girls. She says that you are Kaushik, so I won’t ask why I’m different. It says you are Kuki Bajaj, otherwise it would have told you why you are different, you know a lot, but not everything. She thinks that he is different from other boys.

Priyanka says I’m sorry to come right now, no one will be ready to help us, so I came here. Samidha asks Prerna to tell Priyanka. Prerna says yes, I’ll tell Prerna. Priyanka asks what these papers mean. Prerna says you don’t have to worry, I’ll handle it, I’ll go rest, it’s Shivani’s mehendi. Priyanka thanks him and becomes sad. It says you saved us from the storm. Prerna says that no storm can hurt you, life is back to normal, okay. Samidha says that the promise cannot be broken, people separate if the promise is broken. Prerna says I know, I promise I will never part with you. Priyanka says we’ll go. Prerna says I’ll send the driver for you.

She believes that Anurag you crossed all the limits, I will ruin your business project, the media will know how you have demolished an orphanage, I have to do this. She remembers losing her daughter. Mohini says that I don’t know why Rakhi cares about Prerna. Nivedita says that Komolika cannot do this. Mohini says there is no need to react to demolition. Nivedita says you are saying this, we are talking about an orphanage, we are Basus, we get everything we want, but there is a limit, Komolika has crossed that limit. Komolika arrives. Nivedita says that Anurag doesn’t do that job. Komolika says Mohini, explain to him that he should not bear stress. She says that if she stays at her brother’s house, she may lose the possibility of remarrying. Mohini says I’ll explain. Komolika says that you must learn to behave like me. Mohini says Veena called, she wanted to send mehendi through Mahesh, I said we would get it, did I get it right? Komolika says yes, give those lessons to Nivedita. She goes. Nivedita says just look at her. Mohini says that you can’t behave like that, control your tongue, you can behave like that when you marry a rich girl.

Prerna and Veena have a chat. Veena says Shivani caught Ronit, I’m worried about you. Prerna says everything is fine, go and sleep. Veena says you shouldn’t hide anything from Mom. Prerna says that the Samidha ashram was demolished today, I stopped it, the owner is Anurag Basu, he saw me happy with Samidha and tried to ruin it, you would be thinking why I get excited when I see an orphan child, I find some connection with Samidha, I see Sneha in it. Veena hugs her and tells her that I can understand, you have love for that girl and hate for Anurag, he did wrong, tomorrow there is mehendi, we should be happy, I will behave well with Shivani’s in-laws. Veena smiles and says take care of yourself, sleep now.

Veena says that I also feel that Samidha is like you. Prerna says it looks like Anurag. Samidha says I like the color red, I was wrapped in red chunni when they dropped me off at the ashram. Anurag remembers and says that you might be my Sneha.

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