Kasautii Zindagii Kay August 31, 2020 Episode Written Update

Kasautii Zindagii Kay August 31, 2020 Episode Written Update

The episode begins with Komolika and Ronit congratulating each other. She says you always make sacrifices for me, I don’t want our bond to look bad, you marry Shivani for my revenge, you are my dear brother. She says I trust you, dad and Mishka did not support me, you are an imp to me, I will always be with you. She says I know. She says I had to ask, we could have asked for money, why, we got the CEO position as a gift, she wants to upset Mr. Bajaj. She says I get it, I won’t give up the earnings, it won’t be a dowry, but as a favor, we’ll get it tonight. Mohini and Nivedita are coming. Mohini says we’re ready, Moloy and Kaushik need time. Komolika says that we will go together as a happy family.

Suman wears mehendi. Shivani asks him to apply the mehendi. Suman says I have a lot of work. Shivani is happy. Prerna jokes. Veena says that Shivani is so happy that I want her life to be happy. Prerna gets the call from Mr. Bajaj. Shivani says that Ronit will get mehendi. Veena asks if Mr. Bajaj said anything. Prerna says they canceled her flight, she can’t come. Veena says your Sneha is coming. Come to Samidha. Veena says I feel like she looks like you too. Prerna says no, tell her she looks like Anurag. Veena says yes. Samidha hugs Prerna. Prerna asks you to apply mehendi. Samidha says I have to help Maasi. Veena hugs Samidha. Samidha says that all the elders cry. Prerna says mom missed someone and cried. Priyanka asks them to manage the guests. Basus come. Veena thinks I don’t like you, but I have to respect you for Shivani’s sake. Mohini argues with Veena. Prerna says my mother gave me self-esteem and honesty. Komolika gives the mehendi.

Anurag looks. They all go for the ritual. Moloy stops Kuki and asks if you know me. Kuki says yes. He asks why don’t you talk to me, he leaves me friends. He says you were in a wheelchair that time. He says you didn’t speak that time. She says I don’t remember how I started talking. It says that I started working because of your father. She says my dad is really good. She says I’m a good business, I have a selfish motive to be friendly. Kuki asks what it is. Veena sends it. Moloy says I want to know how Sneha is, where is she. Kaushik arrives in Kuki. She says I was scared. Says sorry. They sit. She says I’m sorry for everything, my antics and everything. She says I’m sorry for assuming you’re stupid, then I realized I was tough, okay, you’re not what you appear to be. It says that we are bringing clarity or confusing more. She says I mean you are a good boy. She says I’m not a good guy. She asks why, I’m saying it.

Haan tum ho… .plays… Have a moment. Monu says what happened to Kaushik, did he fall in love with her? She’s taking Kaushik with her. Priyanka asks: Can I ask you something? Can you tell Anurag not to tear down the ashram? Komolika says I tried to talk to him, I felt bad, he is not listening, how is Samidha. Priyanka says it’s okay, I don’t know what happened to Anurag, sorry. Komolika says don’t talk to Anurag, she gets irritated, she can do anything in anger. Priyanka says yes, thanks for explaining. Komolika thinks she will find out at the right time. Anurag sees Samidha decorating. Help Kajal. Kajal thanks him and leaves. He says I like the designs, I am proud. She gets hurt. She asks him to tie her handkerchief. It says red handkerchief. She says it’s new, I like the color red, maybe it was my mother’s favorite, Durga maa chunri is also red, I was wrapped in red chunri when they dropped me in the ashram Remember the past.

Samidha asks Prerna and Anurag to shake hands and become friends. Komolika looks.

Update credit to: Irfan

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