Kasautii Zindagii Kay Jul 14, 2020 Written Episode Update

Kasautii Zindagii Kay Jul 14, 2020 Written Episode Update: Mohini Slaps Komolika

The episode begins with Komolika saying that I am Anurag’s wife, Prerna signed on as her wife at the hospital. Mohini and Nivedita ask what happened to Anurag. Komolika says we’ll go see him at the AT, come with me. They left. The nurse gives Anurag’s phone number to Prerna. She says her mom called, I told her you’re with him. Prerna says to keep it with your belongings. Go to Anurag. Komolika, Mohini and Nivedita come there and ask about Anurag. Komolika goes to Prerna and scolds her. Prerna says I have Anurag here to save him. Komolika says thank you, you are a wife without character, right Ms. Bajaj? Prerna says I made the sign to save her life. Komolika asks why, you want to kill him. Prerna says no, I want to keep him alive, that I would carry out my revenge.

Komolika says the same pain, old Prerna, you tried hard to catch it, but I caught it, you won’t get anything even if it is saved, we will end this game of lies anyway, tell the truth, you have feelings for Anurag, right, you couldn’t see it die, the reason is something else, you call him hate, I keep track of my enemies, you are my favorite enemy, you said soul mates, admit it you like Anurag, you always loved him, otherwise you would have let him die, the reason is you daughter, who died, you forgot all this, you became the wife of Anurag, you need mental help. Prerna says you are right, I could not live it to die, I still love him, I felt defeated for being the second woman in his life, if he realizes that he loves me, then the game will change, I am the first love, it seems that our Relationship is mirror, you know me well, we don’t have to pretend, okay. Komolika says that you love Anurag. Prerna says yes, I love him. She smiles and thinks that you will not have the opportunity to be happy and win me.

Nivedita says that Komolika was here. Mohini says that maybe he went to meet Prerna. Nivedita says she knew, it’s a conspiracy, Prerna did this to catch him. The doctor is coming. Mohini asks how my son is doing. He says the surgery was successful, don’t worry. She asks if we can meet him. He says yes. Prerna believes that Anurag was saved. Komolika thinks how dare Prerna say she has feelings for Anurag, I will not leave her. Mohini scolds Anurag with love. She says it hurts to see you angry, how is Prerna? Nivedita says we didn’t meet her, is she behind all this? Says she saved me. Mohini says we’ll talk later, you need to rest, I’ll get Komolika. She goes. She asks Nivedita about Prerna. She says Prerna left, there is only Komolika. Mohini asks Komolika to come meet Anurag. Komolika says she has to answer me, why she met Prerna, but first I will meet Prerna. Mohini asks him to stop. She slaps Komolika. Prerna asks Kuki when he will be coming home. Kuki says I’ll come in the evening. Prerna says I want you to meet my family. Kuki says oh wow, it will be our family, I will come soon, are you okay? Prerna says you’re asking a lot. Kuki says that you hide all the problems as children.

Prerna says I forgot my file and ends the call. Kuki meets Anushka and tells her that you changed. Anushka hugs her. He jokes that she is going to mistreat her, being her eldest. He gossips and says I’m taking you to meet the hottest guy in college. Kuki asks what, are you angry, you came to see hot guys here. Anushka says come with me. She takes Kuki. Komolika gets mad at Mohini. She raises her hand and stops. Mohini says that you are a smart woman, Prerna wants you to get angry, think, understand and take advantage of the situation, attack her. Mohini asks you to understand. Nivedita says she is right, we are prepared for her attack now. Komolika says you were right to stop me, but don’t make the mistake of slapping me again. Mohini says sorry. Komolika says that I will not leave Prerna. Nivedita asks what are you going to do. Komolika says I still have Mr. Bajaj’s number.

Komolika tells Mr. Bajaj that Prerna signed the form as Anurag’s wife. He is shocked. She warns him. Prerna says you hurt me eight years ago and now it’s my turn.

Update credit to: Irfan

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