Kasautii Zindagii Kay Jul 15, 2020 Episode Written Update

Kasautii Zindagii Kay Jul 15, 2020 Episode Written Update

The episode begins when Anushka and Kuki see Kaushik flirting with a girl. Kuki asks Anushka to come. Kaushik asks the girl to answer her boyfriend’s call. The girl gives him her number and leaves. Anushka says he’s the sexiest guy, I swear, I can give up my life if I can get a date with him. Kuki asks if you like it, seriously loyalty is hot not attitude come with me. Kaushik gets angry and chases her. Anurag takes medications. He says I feel better at home. Mohini says well, Nivedita went to finish the paperwork. Komolika says Prerna has hurt me, I will hurt Mr. Bajaj, Prerna will be sorry to say that she loves Anurag, she must explain to Mr. Bajaj, how would he feel knowing that his wife has feelings for someone else? She calls Mr. Bajaj.

He answers. She asks him how he is, how is the weather in London. She says I’m sure she didn’t call me to ask about the weather in London, it seems like the weather in India is stressful. She says you know what Prerna did, she signed on the hospital form as Anurag’s wife, what happened, she came here to get revenge on Anurag, her intentions are changing, she told me that she loves Anurag, you have to think, the reason. because the hatred may be deep, but her love is deeper, maybe deeper than my passion for Anurag, you are far from Prerna, it may take you away forever. He smiles. It says you cannot forget who I am, I am Rishabh Bajaj, no one can speak to me against my wish, stay within your limits. She says that Storm won’t ask before hurting. She says I have information about everything, I know you didn’t call me to save me from the storm, you called out of frustration, get away from me, Prerna and my family. She says I know you well, you should focus on your wife. Disconnect and think.

Believe that Prerna, I trust you, but I know your weakness, that worries me. Call Mehra and she says to book my tickets to Koltata. Komolika asks Nivedita about Anurag’s state. Nivedita says there is no threat. Komolika says that I know that a threat will never escape her. Mr. Bajaj calls Prerna. He says you forgot what Anurag did to you, you are a strong woman. She asks what happened. She says that Komolika called and told her that she signed as Anurag’s wife. She tells everything. She says I made the sign, I didn’t want him to die so easily, he should die guilty, he should know what he did to me, I want to take everything from me and break his ego, wait and see, I’ll bring him to his knees. She says I’m sorry I didn’t understand you.

She says okay, I told Komolika that I still love Anurag, I wanted to tease her and break her ego, it worked, so she called you. Says you became unpredictable. She says it’s necessary, they shouldn’t know my next move, I’m so lucky you’re with me, you keep me focused, thank you. She says you’ll always find me with you, it’s a promise. She says I turned that land into partial commercial land. Ask what, why. She says Anurag is building Basu city on the residential land, we will make commercial land there and ruin Anurag plan, we should announce Bajaj city plan. She says congratulations on it, I’ll be with you. Kaushik says that Kuki was calling me flirt in front of Avantika. Monu says that she is Anushka.

Kaushik asks why Kuki chases me, I like girls, she is a migraine to me, she treats me like a normal boy, I am a rock star, it is time for revenge. A boy comes crying. Kaushik asks what happened. The guy says my heart broke, I praised a girl and my girlfriend felt jealous, we should never praise the girl’s best friend, girls can’t stand the other girl’s compliments. Kaushik has an idea and smiles. Monu asks who will you take revenge on. Kaushik says Kuki. Prerna brings Kuki home. They all smile. Kuki greets them. Veena introduces everyone. Kuki says that my family was completed today, I am very happy. Veena says that we will share the happiness, that we come and eat. Kuki says I’m very happy, I used to miss family, it’s the best feeling to have dinner with all of you. Prerna says she’s happy to see you all. Prerna eats the food and praises it. She asks Kajal to sit down and be okay with them. Mahesh thinks that Kajal always does theater, he already had food, Prerna doesn’t know. Shivani gets a call and says it’s a friend’s call, I’ll talk later. Prerna believes that something has changed, otherwise Shivani cannot hide anything from me.

Komolika asks how you met Prerna, you know what she told me. Anurag asks what he said. Anurag saves a girl. Prerna says you hurt me and now it’s my turn.

Update credit to: Irfan

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