Kasautii Zindagii Kay Jul 24, 2020 Episode Written Update

Kasautii Zindagii Kay Jul 24, 2020 Episode Written Update

The episode begins with Nivedita arriving at Mohini. Mohini says that Bajaj and Prerna’s relationship is not what we thought, they had a fight and now it is resolved. Nivedita says I was flirting with him, I’m so stupid. Mohini says you are smart. Nivedita says that Bajaj and Prerna have b02863een married for many years. Mohini says that he is an imp to maintain a relationship, Anurag was madly in love with Prerna and later married Komolika. Nivedita asks how she married Komolika. Mohini says that sometimes it’s better not to know dangerous secrets. Nivedita asks if you know. Mohini says no, why did he marry Komolika when he fought the world for Prerna, only Komolika and Anurag know the truth.

Prerna asks Komolika if she believes in the aura, stay there, I don’t want negative energy. Komolika says that smart people are who know when to speak. Prerna gives you the Bajaj city brochure. She says it’s the big surprise. Komolika says stop, you’ve lost it. Prerna argues. She says that I will take everything from you and Anurag, whatever is special to Anurag, I will do it in front of you. Komolika says that I told you to think well before speaking, think again, tonight is yours but tomorrow morning will be mine, you have to pay a very high price. Prerna says that even the morning will be mine, get used to it. She goes. Komolika thinks he forgot that I never learned to lose, I will ruin your hard work. She calls someone and says it’s time to start the most interesting game, yeah… Shivani.

Shivani arrives in Prerna. Prerna thinks of Anurag. She thinks I know you cheated on me, why can’t I forget your love and move on? Shivani thinks I want to tell you what worries me, you’re already worried. She goes. Prerna believes that Anurag should be in the same pain, how it feels when lonely, my life has a purpose, the destruction of Anurag.

Anushka asks Kuki for food. Kuki says I’m on a diet. Anushka asks him to talk to Ananya. Kuki forgets her phone there. Kaushik’s friend asks him to get the exams, to help them. Kaushik doesn’t listen. The guy says that Rocky’s not here, otherwise I would have sent him the papers, you don’t care about him. Kaushik says okay, we are doing this for the last time, we will send the papers from someone’s phone. He gets Kuki’s phone and says it’s not locked. He clicks on the photos. Kuki says I’m not going on a picnic. Anushka takes her phone. Kuki says I left my phone in the canteen. Kaushik says I have sent the photos. He keeps the phone and leaves. Kuki takes her phone.

The manager asks Prerna to see the map of the city, they cannot reduce the price. She asks you to show it to Mr. Bajaj once. She says she’s fine, she’s in a meeting now. Receives a call. Komolika says I thought I would give the last piece of advice, raise the prices of the flats. Prerna says we are not business partners. Komolika says you’ll be very sorry, don’t tell me, I didn’t warn you. Prerna sees Shivani coming.

Ronit catches Shivani and drags her to his car. Prerna is surprised. Says Shivani was kidnapped. The manager asks who can do this and why. Prerna runs to her car and drives off. Ronit says I hope no one saw me. Go to Prerna following her car. Drive ahead and smile. She loses track of her car. She goes to the police station. She says my sister was kidnapped. Try to remember the car number. She says that Ronit has kidnapped Shivani. The inspector asks how you can be sure you know him. She says I’ll explain later, it’s dangerous, please come. Veena calls her and asks if you had lunch, Shivani said she will have lunch, she will make me talk to her. Prerna says she’s my responsibility, don’t worry.

Veena says that it is good that both love each other, I want everyone to be happy, I can talk to you if you have freedom, when a child leaves a mother, it is really painful, when they returned after 8 years, I do not see how much peace I have , I spent the 8 years with difficulty, I could not take care of you, now everything will be fine, I trust you as I used to trust your dad, you are the reason for everything. Prerna says I love you very much, I’ll talk later. Veena asks him to take care of himself. Prerna believes that you have been through a lot of pain, I will bring Shivani back and I will not break your trust. She asks the inspector to act. The inspector says he said his sister knew him, maybe they went to lunch and a movie. She says they were together before, not now, Ronit is dangerous, he kidnapped my sister. He asks her to calm down. She asks you to arrest Anurag and Komolika too, Komolika had threatened her, find out. Ask for evidence. She says I’ll get the proof, arrest them. She scolds him. She asks him to save her sister.

Prerna says Ronit kidnapped Shivani, call Anurag and ask him. Komolika smiles. Mr. Bajaj threatens the inspector.

Update credit to: Irfan

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