Kasautii Zindagii Kay July 23, 2020 Episode Written Update

Kasautii Zindagii Kay July 23, 2020 Episode Written Update

The episode begins with Mohini and Komolika talking. Komolika says that Prerna was the daughter of Rajesh, a poor girl, she is defeating Anurag, how is she defeating Nivedita, how she became a great businesswoman, something is not wrong, it is someone else’s mind behind her, that is Mr. Bajaj, it means she is still weak, look what I do, I will attack her, she cannot tolerate it, I have a big secret that Prerna and Mr. Bajaj are not husband and wife, if this is true then I go to shake its foundations. , your dreams will be shattered, you will have no claim on the Bajaj company, you cannot buy Basu shares.

Anushka says I feel very happy for Kaushik, I feel bad about her foot injury. Kuki says he’s not innocent, he’s cunning, he had come for me. Anushka says I really like him, don’t tell him anything. They argue. Kaushik looks and smiles. Anushka praises Kaushik. She says I’m leaving, this party seems boring without him. Kuki asks him to listen. Kaushik says it is the beginning, Kuki is fighting with her friend, very soon she will run after me to impress me, I will not pay attention to her, we will go home. He’s leaving.

Mohini says that Prerna is there alone. Komolika says that you notice her when she’s with Mr. Bajaj, they just have friendship. Nivedita asks where you were. Komolika says that we are seeing Prerna and Bajaj. Mohini says it’s good news, I don’t think Prerna and Mr. Bajaj are husband and wife, you have good chances. Nivedita smiles. Mr. Bajaj comes to Prerna and says that you are my wife, I have rights over you. He hugs her. Prerna feels uncomfortable and leaves. Nivedita says that their marriage is very loving. Komolika says I’m not wrong. Mr. Bajaj asks Prerna to listen, let me explain, open the door. Prerna cries and says that you were always a gentleman to me, what was this, you know what Anurag was to me, he just loved Anurag, he had a right over me, when I was his, why did you want your right? Says you’re wrong

She remembers their deal. She says that Kuki wanted a mother, I became her mother, what rights of husband and wife, we did not get married, it was just a commitment. Nivedita says that I believe that Mr. Bajaj cannot love anyone but Prerna. Mohini says that every marriage is missing something, look at your marriage, the marriage of Komolika and Anurag, she wanted it and she got it, you focus on your lie, I want the best man of your life to come, Rishabh Bajaj has money and power , make yours. Nivedita says I really feel …

Mohini says that Prerna did not accept that. Didn’t you see how she reacted? A man cannot bear the rejection of a woman, when a beautiful and intelligent girl is willing to love him, I am sure they are not married. Prerna says yes, I pretended to be your wife so that Kuki could have a normal life. Mr. Bajaj also says to show Anurag, so he doesn’t have to answer her. She says I don’t want him to think that I didn’t move on and that I was sorry for him, I don’t want to fall weak, I hate him, he deserves my hate, I didn’t think he would love someone else. , I didn’t think anyone would touch me, why did you do this? She says I did that for Komolika.

Remember Komolika told Mohini that Prerna and Bajaj weren’t married, she was waiting for Anurag, she has feelings for him, Prerna and Bajaj were very formal, they didn’t have any dance or romance. Mr. Bajaj says now he understands why I did that, I wanted their shock reaction to make them feel like we had a fight and I’m trying to convince them, they came to our room and they knew we were staying in different rooms. Prerna asks how we convince them. Nivedita goes. Komolika says we’re leaving now, Prerna would be arguing with Bajaj for touching her. Mohini says we will wait for Nivedita. Komolika says she’s fine, I’m sure Prerna cries and Mr. Bajaj lectures her, did her a lot of favors, what if he touched her, I’m sure he slapped her, maybe she’s crying.

Mr. Bajaj and Prerna are coming. Mohini says I don’t think he slapped her. Prerna asks Komolika to meet her before going. Mr. Bajaj says that it is difficult to convince an annoying wife, she moved to another room due to a mistake, do you also do the same? Prerna asks him to let her go and attend to the guests. He asks her to leave. Mohini says I think we were wrong. Komolika says that I will meet with Prerna and come. Mohini says I’ll be leaving soon. Nivedita sees Mr. Bajaj. She says that Nivedita Bajaj seems like a powerful name. She is going to congratulate him. Says it’s Prerna’s project. She says she has given Prerna the credit, we know she deserves it. Says you’re wrong, you make business sense, you got your father’s family business, Prerna learned everything on her own. Says she learned from the best. Says she deserves the best.

Mohini asks why Anurag married Komolika, only Komolika and Anurag know. Prerna sees Ronit taking Shivani away in her car.

Update credit to: Irfan

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