Kasautii Zindagii Kay July 25, 2020 Episode Written Update

Kasautii Zindagii Kay July 25, 2020 Episode Written Update

The episode begins with Mohini checking the door. He asks Prerna what she’s doing here. Prerna asks where Komolika is. Mohini says he is not at home. Prerna walks in and yells Komolika. Mohini teases her. She asks how you got into the house. Prerna says that Ronit has kidnapped my sister Shivani in the Komolika saying, I have seen it myself, my values ​​teach me to speak to the elderly with respect, I do not want to say anything to you in anger, better let me know Komolika. She cannot find Komolika. Anurag is driving. Your wallet drops. See Prerna’s photo. Sid asks if you checked into the hotel. Anurag says yes. Sid says you didn’t say why you wasted so much time. Anurag says I want some time, I don’t understand. Sid says I want to go to Prerna and tell her everything, you are helping Prerna. Anurag says I’ll call you later. Sid says that I’ve seen people become selfish in love, that they forget all relationships to stay happy, but that they are sacrificing their happiness for the sake of Prerna. Nivedita says that Anurag went out to work.

Prerna says that Anurag managed to kidnap Shivani, it was her plan, she is smart, she has escaped. Prerna says Anurag cheated on me, my life was ruined, it took me 8 years to get back, you know what he did, he tried to kill me, I’m taking revenge, I’m targeting his business, not his family, he got Shivani kidnapped, you won’t be able to understand this, better call Anurag and ask her where my sister is, otherwise I will kill Anurag, Ronit and Komolika. Nivedita says I know my brother well. Prerna says that everyone will regret it, that they will have to pay for it. She goes. Nivedita calls Anurag. He does not answer. She says it’s off now. Prerna asks Komolika where Shivani is. Komolika says that you and your family should know, how can I know? Prerna says she wasn’t expecting foul play, I’ve seen Ronit kidnap her, tell me where she is. They argue. Prerna asks him to tell her where Shivani is, she has done all this, Ronit kidnapped Shivani. She goes. Ronit calls Komolika and asks what should I do with Shivani. Komolika says relax, I’ll go there, see you soon.

The manager says that Prerna was worried, said that her sister was kidnapped, that she had seen the kidnapper and left. Mr. Bajaj calls Prerna and asks where she is. Prerna says Ronit kidnapped Shivani, he was following him, I don’t know where he disappeared. He asks where you are, I’ll go. She says I’ll handle it, I’ll go find them, Ronit can’t do this alone, Komolika is involved, I went to provoke her, she’s going to meet Ronit, I’m following her. He says that if Komolika did this, he will regret it. She asks him to report to the police to come closer to the temple, the police did not take me seriously. It says they will act now, you will get a call from them. Komolika is on the way. She says that now Prerna can’t be happy. Prerna says I will not let this happen again.
Komolika says I like to see her in trouble. Prerna believes that now you can’t hurt me or my family. Moloy comes home and says I canceled the meeting.

Nivedita asks for Anurag’s alternate contact number. Moloy asks what happened. They say Prerna came here and yelled at me. Nivedita says he said that Anurag is involved in the kidnapping of Shivani. Moloy says my son can never do this but Komolika can do this, if he did this to annoy Prerna then he’s in a lot of trouble. Nivedita says that I have to tell Anurag, to save himself. Mr. Bajaj goes to the police station. Shyam sees it and says that a great personality has come here, this will be a good news headline. The man says the story should be a news flash. Shyam says that Mr. Bajaj is the hero of this story. The man says he’s angry, just turn on the phone’s camera and record.

Shyam says it’s okay. Record the conversations of Mr. Bajaj and the inspector. Mr. Bajaj says he doesn’t know Ms. Bajaj, why didn’t he help Prerna? The inspector says that no woman can come and … Mr. Bajaj says that she is Prerna Bajaj. The inspector says that he was accusing Anurag and Komolika Basu of kidnapping Shivani, we explain that it is not okay to accuse anyone, Shivani had an affair with Ronit. Mr. Bajaj says he is eight years old. The inspector says that maybe they went together. Mr. Bajaj says that Shivani is Prerna’s sister, Prerna has seen Ronit kidnap Shivani, if something happens with Shivani, do you realize what will happen to you? The inspector says it’s okay, we’ll go. Komolika calls Ronit. Prerna sees her. Mr. Bajaj asks the inspector to ask Prerna. Ronit arrives at Komolika and takes her away. Prerna talks to the inspector and gives him the location. Shyam says that everyone knows the enmity between the Basu and Bajaj families, the police are going to find Shivani. The man says this is great news. Prerna asks Ronit where my sister is. Komolika is surprised to see her.

The police and the media arrive there. Come to Shivani. Prerna says I told you they were involved in the kidnapping, drag them away. Shivani says leave them, I have fulfilled my wish, I love Ronit and want to marry him. Prerna gets angry. Komolika smiles.

Update credit to: Irfan

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