Kasautii Zindagii Kay July 27, 2020 Episode Written Update

Kasautii Zindagii Kay July 27, 2020 Episode Written Update

The episode begins with Komolika saying that I hate places like this but people leave me helpless, don’t worry, you did what I told you to do. Ronit says that Prerna has seen me. She asks you to trust her. Prerna comes screaming and asks for Shivani. Komolika says that Ronit did nothing, that she is not here. Prerna yells Shivi… The police arrive. Prerna asks the inspector to find her. Mr. Bajaj is on his way. He says that this time, Ronit has crossed all his limits, he will not be forgiven. Her car breaks down. Shivani arrives. Prerna asks him not to cry, she is with her. The media comes in and clicks on the photos. Prerna says they are behind the kidnapping, Ronit is a demon, he just seems innocent. She asks the inspector to arrest them. The inspector agrees. Komolika says Ronit and I didn’t kidnap Shivani. She is handcuffed. Reporters ask Komolika why she kidnapped Shivani.

They ask Shivani if ​​they did harass her. Prerna asks Shivani not to panic, tell them what happened. Shivani cries. Komolika asks her to tell Prerna that she was not kidnapped. Prerna warns him. Nivedita says that Anurag’s phone is still off, that Komolika is not answering. Moloy says he calls Prerna, that it’s wrong to kidnap someone’s sister, I’ll explain that Anurag can’t do this. Mohini says you want to tell her that Komolika is the culprit, she will annoy us. Nivedita calls Prerna. Prerna responds and says you have bad news, I have Shivani, Komolika was handcuffed, Komolika and Ronit are to blame for the kidnapping, very soon Anurag will be behind bars, the media and the police are here, check the cover tomorrow. Moloy smiles listening. End the call. Moloy says Prerna was right, Komolika was arrested, I don’t know why Prerna is accusing Anurag, that’s not done. Prerna scolds Komolika and Ronit. Shivani says they didn’t kidnap me, they didn’t do anything. Prerna asks him to tell the truth.

Shivani says they didn’t kidnap me. Komolika asks the inspector to leave them. Prerna asks if they threatened you, don’t be scared, they can fall to any level. Shivani says enough, I have come here because of my desire to meet Komolika and she accepts me, I love Ronit and I want to marry him. Komolika says everything is clear, Shivani said so, we did not kidnap her. Shivani asks the inspector to leave them. Moloy says wait, if Komolika really did this, she should be punished, think how much she upset you, she has humiliated you, both of them are free now, right, put her in jail, you should call Prerna and thank her for your good. the days have come. Mohini says enough, we will solve our problems, Komolika is our bahu. Nivedita says it’s not that easy. Moloy says I know, since Prerna did this. Mohini says that Komolika is our Bahu, if the media knew that she kidnapped someone, what about our reputation? I don’t think Komolika did this, Ronit would have kidnapped Shivani. Moloy smiles. Mohini says that we may not like Komolika, but we don’t like Prerna. Says okay, I’m tired of explaining, do whatever you want.

Shivani says sorry Ronit didn’t kidnap me, I love him, I came to meet Komolika. Komolika says that Prerna made a mistake, the truth is that Prerna has a problem with their relationship, everyone knows the tension between the Bajaj and Basu families, I know how much Ronit loves Shivani, I thought about joining them, but I was worried, Ronit is not . a thug, he is CEO of Basu Industries, I don’t have such a bad heart that separates two lovers, who knows better than Prerna. Reporters ask Prerna if she will also accept Ronit as Komolika accepted Shivani. Komolika says I just want them to win, I accept Ronit and Shivani’s relationship. Reporters ask Prerna to respond. Shivani says I want to marry Ronit. Prerna wears it. Komolika says that Ronit loves Shivani very much, don’t make this headline, I’m sure Prerna will understand love soon. Nivedita calls.

She says that Komolika will be coming home soon. Moloy says these women should be happy to get rid of Komolika, they are behaving like they can’t live without her. Kaushik comes in and says you look happy. Moloy says yes, actually, I can’t believe Ronit kidnapped Shivani. Kaushik says we will go find Komolika. Mohini says we’ll take her home. Komolika and Ronit return home. Komolika says thank you, but I came alone, Prerna was dreaming of putting me in jail, it is impossible. Nivedita asks what happened. Moloy thinks about how she got home, Prerna says she was arrested and Veena asks what happened. Shivani asks Prerna to listen. Prerna says I need to speak to her in private.

Shivani says this time, it’s not about your love, revenge and competition, I love it. Komolika says that Ronit and Shivani love each other very much. She says that I want to annoy Shivani and carry out my revenge.

Update credit to: Irfan

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