Kasautii Zindagii Kay July 28, 2020 Episode Written Update

Kasautii Zindagii Kay July 28, 2020 Episode Written Update

The episode begins with Prerna asking Shivani what’s wrong with her. Shivani says he didn’t kidnap me. Prerna asks if you went to Ronit because of your wish. She says she couldn’t tell mom about you, you remember, you used to hate him, what are you doing, if there’s something, you don’t love him right. She says it is a trap set by Komolika, that you are just a pawn to her. She asks Shivani not to trust them, they are just trying to use her. Shivani turns around. Prerna says that this is not right, this is not love, I know that Komolika is making you feel her love, no, that man cannot love someone, she is trying to catch you. Shivani says it’s not a game, he loves me, I love him. Prerna asks what can you see, tell me.

She says you should have told me, this was done to catch me, she had seen all this, the media and the police also came to prove that I don’t know anything about my sister, they insulted me, you trust Komolika. more than me, what did he pay you? Komolika says it just happened. Moloy asks why you kidnapped Shivani. She says Ronit didn’t kidnap Shivani, she knew Prerna would. Mohini asks what actually happened. Komolika says that Prerna filed a complaint against us, Anurag is not in the city, she got angry for blaming us, the truth is something else, Ronit and Shivani love each other very much. Nivedita asks what.

Mohini asks Ronit how you can break the truth about your sister. Nivedita asks Ronit if you didn’t get any other girl, Shivani is Prerna’s sister, you can get any girl then why Shivani. Moloy asks Shivani for love, seriously. Ronit says yes, I am in love with her. Kaushik says wow, adventurous love. Mohini says that about Komolika’s love, you know that Komolika hates Prerna and her family. Komolika says calm down, I’m surprised too, it will take time to accept this, but don’t say this to Anurag. She says that sometimes we have to show a big heart, so I have said yes because of Ronit and Shivani’s marriage, I know she is from a middle class household, but I am sure her life will be arranged, as Prerna had established his life. By marrying Mr. Bajaj, Veena trained her daughters well, I’m ready to bond with Prerna, who broke our basu city plan, everyone has to bow down to love, two lovers always bond, like Anurag and me. Moloy and Mohini smile.

Komolika says the world may think I’m bad, but I don’t listen to anyone when it comes to love, Prerna wants to ruin us, but I accept Ronit and Shivani’s relationship, announce their engagement, Ronit, we’ll go and make the guest list. . They go. Shivani says I’ve always understood you, but it happened so soon, Ronit used to ask me if I would marry him or not, I love him so much, how could I tell you that I love him when he has hurt us so much. Ronit says thank God, you were with me to answer them, this family does not know love. Komolika says that I took away all the emotions, they will not understand love, you are getting married, stay happy. Shivani says I know Ronit is hard to trust, he changed. Prerna says how, he doesn’t love you, it’s Komolika’s plan, she planned this in front of my office so I see this and I think it’s kidnapping. Shivani says he stopped me because a car was coming. Prerna asks why Komolika didn’t tell me. Shivani says he didn’t know. Komolika says that I did not tell Prerna that you and Shivani are together.

Shivani says that if Komolika had to get revenge, he would send Ronit for me, no, he is the same with me, he did not change, you left me eight years ago, I was very lonely, I used to miss you, a little. the boys made fun of me, Ronit protected me, he didn’t leave me alone, I just thanked him, he was still with me. Ronit says that I saved Shivani from the bullies and made a place for myself in his life. Prerna says it’s not love. Shivani asks what is, what is love to you, your love for Anurag, cheated on you, you left us, mom used to cry a lot for you, how we handled it, we were helpless, mom had a heart attack, I can not forget the day in I was screaming on the way for help, no one came to help me, you know that Ronit helped me, I had no deposit to pay the doctor, Ronit helped me and paid for Veena’s treatment. Komolika says that I was on the same path that day, I saw Shivani crying, I called you to help her. Ronit says I hate Shivani, why did you call me? Komolika says that I wish I could say, I felt peace when I saw her and I did not want to leave that area, this would be possible when Shivani married you, I wanted to see her suffering all her life. Shivani says that Ronit forgot that I am your sister, he helped me, I started to like him, I love him, he apologized for his mistakes, he confessed his feelings, Ronit is part of my life, this time, it is not about your love, revenge and commercial competition, it’s about Ronit and I, our love, will always love him.

Komolika says I hate Prerna more, I wanted to get revenge on her, I don’t regret spending money on Shivani and Veena’s treatment, Prerna came back, I knew she would refuse marriage, but now Prerna and Shivani are trapped. , Shivani said that she loves him and wants to marry you, she feels that she really loves you. Ronit says you want revenge on them, so Shivani is in my hands and Prerna is in your hands. Komolika says yes, that’s the plan. Mr. Bajaj comes home and asks for Prerna. Veena says that Prerna is upset with Shivani. Kajal says that Prerna is angry and took Shivani to her room. Get the call from Byom. Byom asks if he decided on the marriage of Ronit and Shivani, this news will be the headline. Mr. Bajaj says it will never happen. He believes that Shivani and Ronit’s marriage …

Shivani says that I love him and want to marry him. Moloy asks Kaushik to help him. Prerna says that Shivani wants to marry Ronit. Mr. Bajaj asks you to stop Shivani. Komolika says that Prerna did not think about the storm that was coming in her life.

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