Kasautii Zindagii Kay July 29, 2020 Episode Written Update

Kasautii Zindagii Kay July 29, 2020 Episode Written Update

The episode starts with Prerna saying that Anurag tried to kill me, when he pushes me, then Komolika and he had put my 3 day old daughter in an orphanage, the orphanage caught fire, I lost my daughter, she was devastated, I didn’t. I would know what to do, I would have died that time, but I lived for my daughter, Mr. Bajaj supported me, he made me this Prerna, he took me to London, he told me that I will not return to that world until I became strong, I had to become strong to take revenge, Anurag and Komolika would have attacked the weak Prerna again, Mr. Bajaj did not let me come until he made me strong, I know I was far from everyone, I am not ‘I mean I did not miss you all, sorry, I was late, I came back and this time we will stay together, I felt that Mr. Bajaj was watching them and everything is fine, Mr. worked for Shekhar. Shivani says yes, he got a job, but had an accident and lost his job. Prerna says she didn’t know this, I don’t know about mom’s heart attack, maybe Mr. Bajaj didn’t tell me so I don’t worry, I was so weak that time. Shivani says I’m so sorry for saying bad to you, we were together here, you were alone, you fought the problem alone, I’m proud that you faced all the problems alone, sorry.

Prerna says that people get mad at their loved ones, I really didn’t feel bad. Shivani says, but I love Ronit very much and want to marry him. Prerna says I love you, you should have told me. Shivani says you don’t understand. Prerna says give me some time to accept this. Shivani says yes soon. Komolika says that Shivani will become a reason for Prerna’s pain, I’m getting joy from doing this. See Komolika and Nivedita at the door. Kaushik says Shivani and Ronit’s love story is amazing, Prerna sent Komolika to jail and dragged Anurag, she did wrong. Moloy says shut up, tell me, who do you love more, Anurag or Komolika. Kaushik says Anurag.

Moloy says that Prerna is a good girl, you already know Komolika, Anurag thinks that Ronit doesn’t love Shivani, because I feel the same, now you will think the same too. Kaushik says well. Moloy says I need your help to find out the truth. Shivani hugs Prerna. Veena and Kajal are coming. Veena asks what happened. Prerna says she didn’t know about Ronit and she … I saw her go with him, I thought he kidnapped her. Veena says it’s my mistake, I should have told you.

Mohini says that if it’s about getting revenge on Prerna and her family, then I’m with you. Komolika says I love this about you. Nivedita says that I’m with you too, I lost the CEO position because of Prerna. Komolika says it is peaceful to see that we are happy together Nivedita, I will return the CEO post to return your happiness. She says Ronit, you are getting married, focus on your life, Nivedita can fulfill her responsibilities well. Nivedita says yes, I will not break your trust. Komolika asks her to manage her personal front. She says when I find her okay, I’ll go home. She asks him to stay with them. She says that Shivani will stay with you here after marriage, call Shivani, tell her how much you love and miss her, you can do anything for her. Mohini smiles. Ronit nods. Komolika says that who thought this would happen, Ronit was in contact with Shivani for 8 years and gained her trust in my saying. She asks Mohini to prepare the room for Ronit. Mohini says that of course Nivedita come help me. They go.

Komolika says that when Prerna knows that you managed her family, when they needed her most, Prerna broke down and couldn’t refuse Shivani. Prerna asks if everyone knew. Veena says yes, you were in your trouble. Kajal says the boy is not bad. Shivani says he changed, he has supported us for 8 years. Veena says we knew they were friends, Shivani told us that they love each other and want to get married. Shivani says that I had an argument with mom about this matter, we trust you, but I felt that you are worried about Anurag. Prerna apologizes.

Kaushik asks such an old love story, does Anurag know? Moloy believes that Kaushik cannot understand the history of Anurag and Prerna, it is better to talk about Ronit and Shivani. He says that Anurag knows that Ronit is not a good guy, that he does not love Shivani, we have to find out. Kaushik says we’ll know, it’s simple. Moloy really asks, you’re cool, I thought you were useless. He laughs and asks how we will do this. Kaushik asks, ask me how I’m going to do this. Moloy says that I am your Nana, if I ask you, then what will my respect be. Kaushik says it’s okay, stay with me, I’ll ask Ronit and you will judge his answers, we’ll know he’s telling the truth or he’s lying, follow me. Moloy thinks to find out if Komolika is planning something.

Prerna walks up to Mr. Bajaj. She says that I got the call from a journalist, he was asking me about Shivani and Ronit’s marriage, everyone knows Ronit and her family, Shivani is a simple and innocent girl, even their friendship can be harmful to her. She says that Shivani wants to marry Ronit. He says then stop her, maybe it’s her plan, you already know them, only Komolika can plan this, what is the problem, tell me. She says I shouldn’t have left them, I went to London with you, you taught me to be strong, when everyone needed me, I was not here for anyone, so many things happened in 8 years, it’s a long time, Shivani used to hate him, now he loves him, how I will tell her, she will ask me what I did, Anurag gave me many wounds, I don’t know what to do. He asks if you trust me. She says I trust you a lot, that you always trusted me, even when I didn’t like you, thank you. She says I promise I’ll find out the truth, if it’s some plan, I can’t see you like that, I want to see you just winning, not falling apart, being emotional becomes a weakness. She thanks him for saving her from falling weak. She says that I will always save you.

Komolika says cancel the trade engagements, we will keep the engagement tomorrow, Prerna. I’m sure you love your sister and would agree. Prerna also says that it is a yes from me. Veena and Shivani smile.

Update credit to: Irfan

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