Kasautii Zindagii Kay July 30, 2020 Episode Written Update

Kasautii Zindagii Kay July 30, 2020 Episode Written Update

The episode begins with the manager asking Anurag if I give him another phone until it is fixed. Anurag says no. The manager thinks it’s strange, doesn’t he have anyone in the world who misses him? Anurag sees the photo of Prerna and remembers it. Tum na hue… .plays…. Prerna remembers her moments. Says I’m ready to face your hate It gets sad. It’s morning, Kaushik comes to wake Moloy. Say your beauty dream is over, get up now. Moloy jokes. Kaushik says that Ronit is having breakfast alone, it’s time to find the truth, Nani and Maasi are in the garden, I don’t know where Komolika went. Moloy believes that she should stay away from Prerna and her family. Prerna stops her car. Sneha knocks on the door.

Prerna says what are you doing here, maybe your school is here, I think your scarf is unique, your favorite, the color is charming like you. Sneha says I got this from Durga Pandal, Pandit asked me to keep it and I will get what I ask for. Prerna asks what you want. Sneha says mom, I don’t know that my wish will come true or not, the day I saved this, I have you and that handsome uncle, you have any wish, I can give you this, then you give me back. Prerna says I can’t understand it, my daughter. Sneha says I’m late for school. She goes. Veena calls her and asks if she can go home. Prerna says yes, I will come soon. End the call. Moloy and Kaushik join Ronit.

Moloy asks Ronit to enjoy breakfast. Ask where my bahu is. Ronit says I can’t tell you, Komolika asked me not to tell anyone, I’ll go to the office. Moloy asks him to finish breakfast. He says that Kaushik was asking me about you, he’s become your fan, I don’t like you, I mean, I don’t know your likes, I asked him to ask Shivani when he met Ronit. Kaushik says Moloy showed me his picture, it’s not very good, you can get any beautiful girl, you have a legacy and everyone, you have so much personality and attitude, why are you looking for Shivani? Ronit smiles and thinks I know what you want to know by cheating on me. Kaushik says marriage is boring and tacky like chewing gum, do you love her or just like that? Moloy says we’re talking to you, you’re just smiling. Ronit says that Shivani is an average girl for you, but she is the best for me, I love her, true love meets with much difficulty, do not say anything against her in front of Komolika, Di hates Shivani’s family, you can cancel the wedding, she agreed just for my sake. Moloy nods. Ronit says my love match will be ruined, don’t say anything, I’m late for the office, I’ll see you later, that’s fine. Moloy says good luck. Ronit goes.

Kaushik asks him if he thinks he’s lying. Moloy says it is Komolika’s horse, intelligent, has hidden the matter. Prerna is coming home. She asks Kuki what’s going on. Kuki says someone came, it’s strange. Komolika says that I have been waiting for you for a long time Prerna, I have come to arrange the engagement. Prerna says Mom will decide. Komolika says that Ronit promised to engage with Shivani, I will do it tomorrow, the time is less, but everything will be fixed. Prerna says it’s a yes from me. Komolika asks the men to play dhol. She says congratulations Shivani, the relationship is fixed, this necklace is for you, do not say it is expensive, we will see you tomorrow at the engagement, so I finally made a relationship with you, remember what I told you that night, forget it, I said in front of the media that I am ready to forget everything, our enmity will end if we meet again and again, hearts will connect.

Prerna thinks I know how you ruined my life, I hope Ronit has changed, if you try to hurt my sister, I swear I won’t let you. Komolika asks them to eat sweets. Everybody eats sweets. Komolika believes that you will not be able to find out, you cannot do anything, your heart would be asking you to say no. Prerna thinks I can see your evil, Shivani won’t understand right now. Kaushik says mom is in fire mode, just save me. Moloy asks what you did. Rakhi asks why you support him. His brother comes and asks what is this to run away. Rakhi says that you allowed him to get out of town and have fun. Moloy says yes. Komolika says cancel plans, none will go anywhere. She calls Mohini and Nivedita. Moloy asks where you did, we were worried, you can’t go to the temple.

Komolika says you are a heart patient, why do you carry your heart, so sweet of you, you care about me? Mohini comes and says that Nivedita will come, what happened. Komolika says I want your help. Ronit comes and asks if everything is okay, you called me. Komolika says I want your support to celebrate Ronit and Shivani’s engagement. Moloy asks for an engagement ceremony, but you did not announce the date, what a rush, there is a lot of planning, what not, you do it well. Komolika says that it is about Ronit’s happiness, I came from Prerna’s house, everyone said yes to this alliance. They all smile. They congratulate Ronit. Mohini thinks about why Moloy doesn’t seem happy. Moloy also congratulates. Ronit thanks you.

Prerna says that Komolika came for the alliance of Ronit and Shivani. Mr. Bajaj says engagement does not mean marriage, I promise you, I will find the truth and put the facts in front of Shivani. Komolika says to give Shivani a lot of love. Ronit says yes, I really hate her, Shivani’s funeral will be in marriage.

Update credit to: Irfan

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