Kasautii Zindagii Kay July 31, 2020 Episode Written Update

Kasautii Zindagii Kay July 31, 2020 Episode Written Update

The episode begins with Prerna saying that I am helpless, Komolika had come for Ronit and Shivani’s engagement, it is her engagement tomorrow, they were hoping that she would accept the relationship, otherwise Shivani would be heartbroken, Shivani believes that I’m standing between her happiness, it’s the beginning of a storm, I could have refused, I don’t want Shivani to get hurt, I know that this marriage is a big mistake in his life. Mr. Bajaj says that no one can come between your happiness until you are here, engagement does not mean marriage, I promise I will find the truth and put the facts in front of Shivani, she is mature, she will walk away from marriage, please do not worry, trust me. She smiles. He goes.

Komolika says that whatever Shivani wants, give him a lot of love that awaits the wedding day. Ronit says sure, don’t worry, I will love her very much, you too will be confused. Komolika asks him not to make it come true, the end of every love story is tragic. He says I hate her, I waited to get revenge on her, she had sent me to jail, I fell in the sight of dad, his life is ruined. Kaushik prevents Moloy from eating sweets. He says we have a solution to keep an eye on Rohit. Moloy believes that this marriage will affect Anurag and Prerna as well, Komolika has a great plan in mind. It’s morning, Shivani shows some dresses. Kajal asks him to put on designer Yashika’s outfit. Mr. Bajaj asks what is Shivani’s favorite color. Call designer Yashika inside. Yashika says sorry, I got a message from a client. He says it’s okay, focus here, sorry I forgot to introduce you. Shivani says she is Yashika Verma, we know her. Yashika says that I will design the best dress for you. Mr. Bajaj says that she will design everyone’s clothes, I’m fine with my old suits. Mohini says that this marriage can give us what we plan. Nivedita asks what, Mr. Bajaj. Mohini says yes, how can you forget it? Nivedita says that I did not forget the dream that can free me from Komolika, I will get a rich husband and I will become powerful. Mohini says I’ll get a rich son-in-law, do you really want to forget about Anupam and move on? Nivedita remembers Anupam.

Shivani says you did a lot for us, thank you. He says no thanks, I want to see you happy, I care about this family, this is the least I can do. She apologizes to Veena. She says that when Prerna wanted to come back, I didn’t let her and I kept her away, I’m very sorry. Veena says don’t apologize, you supported her, you gave her back, I want to thank you. Asks you not to thank. He asks them to get to work, it is Shivani’s commitment. Veena says I’ll make decorations. Prerna says we’ll call the decorators. Veena says I’ll decorate the stage. Mr. Bajaj says let her do it if she gets happy. Prerna asks him to rest in the middle. Kajal says that Yashika is calling Mom. Prerna asks who called Yashika. Shivani says that Mr. Bajaj called her, he did a lot for us. Mr. Bajaj says thank you later, go check on Yashika. Mohini asks Nivedita to answer, did he forget about Anupam? Nivedita says yes, I never missed him. Mohini says you would have said it in one sentence, you’re saying a lot, it means you miss him. Nivedita yells I don’t miss it, I’m ready to write a new name on every page, Mr. Bajaj, you can see the proof at the party tonight. She goes. Mohini says that I love Anurag the most, but I know that when my children tell the truth and when they lie, you are lying, you want to prove me wrong and impress Bajaj at the party, it works for me, I will beat Veena, Komolika and Prerna. Prerna says you feel guilty for taking me to London.

Mr. Bajaj says I had to apologize, you were away from them, I did this for our family, Shivani is happy, I hope and pray that what we are thinking is wrong, it is really his love, otherwise how will we handle Shivani ? she will collapse. Prerna says I see a lot of emotions in you for the first time, it’s okay to share feelings, you called my family yours, I like it. Says our family. They smile. Servant says that Priyanka has arrived. Mr. Bajaj asks Prerna to meet the decorator. He goes to the meeting. Prerna says to decorate the house with white flowers. Priyanka says we’ll manage, I can bring my niece here, she’s a little girl. Prerna says, of course, get her and make her meet me too. The party begins. Kajal asks Mahesh to impress Mr. Bajaj and Prerna, he will get a good job. Mahesh says I am not unemployed, do not advise me like that, relationships are made out of love, not selfishness. She argues. Kuki asks how I look. Veena says very pretty. Kuki asks if you know all the guests. Veena says no, we have to welcome them. Prerna congratulates Shivani and asks him to come downstairs when called. Shivani says that I hope nobody’s bad eyesight catches my happiness. Prerna applies her black point. Komolika says that my evil eye will fall on this house. She smiles.

Mr. Bajaj talks to Komolika. Komolika says Mohini, we can’t waste time, it will happen right now. Mohini looks at her.

Update credit to: Irfan

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