Kasautii Zindagii Kay Sep 19, 2020 Episode Written Update

Kasautii Zindagii Kay Sep 19, 2020 Episode Written Update

The episode begins with Mr. Bajaj scolding Kukki. He says they go to college and now. Prerna tells Kukki not to be afraid, she is with her. Nothing will happen.

Anurag asks Komolika how Basu Industries got such a large stake in the Bajaj Industries project. Komolika says his question sounds strange as does their relationship. He should be happy and grateful to her for saving Basu’s industry, but it seems like he’s angry. Anurag receives a call from the director. He disconnects and tells Komolika that he knows her very well, he must have forced Prerna to sign the papers. He asks how he convinced Prerna. She says it will never change. She thought he would give her compliments, but … He says that if she was expecting compliments then she wouldn’t be hiding the papers. Sure something is wrong. The deal is bad. Now Komolika receives a call from the director. Put it on speaker. The director says that there is a problem, that it is urgent to meet the tutors of Kaushik and Mohnish. Komolika tells Anurag that she will also go with him. She thinks it’s Kukki and Kaushik’s business. They must reunite so that she can get revenge on Prerna.

Kukki is in the car. She remembers Kaushik helping her fix the car. She tells him that he was wrong by teasing him at university. She didn’t know he was a good guy. If it wasn’t rustic, I would have spent time with it. Says she’s still in college. She says that if the investigation goes further, then her guilt will be proven, as documents of her number were leaked. She did nothing and is still punished for it. She hugs him. He promises that he will do anything to get her out of this mess.

Returning to the present, Kukki believes that Kaushik did all of this to save her.

Mohnish is angry at Kaushik. He had warned him to stay away from Kukki. Kaushik tells her that she will not take her name. Mohnish asks what is it about that girl who is risking her reputation? Kaushik says he loves her. He doesn’t know what she thinks of him, but he loves her. Mohnish apologizes for yelling at him. Kaushik hugs him and says that he will take care of this.

Mr. Bajaj arrives at the university. He and Kukki enter. Prerna’s dupatta gets stuck in the car and the car is locked. She thinks about not bothering Mr. Bajaj because he is already angry.

Komolika thinks she will help Kaushik now and use him in the future. They also get there. Anurag senses Prerna’s presence and stops. He helps her with her dupatta. They both look at each other and remember their past moments. Pull the dupatta and take its support to prevent it from falling. They both have eye blocking. The security guard tells them that they are called inside. Prerna thinks about what had happened to her. Anurag believes that Prerna’s heart feels what is in her heart.

Mr. Bajaj sees Kaushik and asks Kukki what kind of friends he has. Komolika arrives and tells Kaushik not to worry. Kaushik tells Mr. Bajaj that Kukki did nothing. Mr. Bajaj asks you to stay outside.

Mr. Bajaj asks the principal why he was not informed that his daughter was excused. Today when Kaushik was caught stealing the papers, are you telling him it’s the same role that Kukki leaked? Kukki says that Kaushik was just trying to help her. Mr. Bajaj asks so she really leaked the papers? And then she got scared, so she accepted Kaushik’s help? Kaushik says he didn’t say anything. They just talked and she was sad. Mr. Bajaj asks you to be quiet. Betraying and everything is normal in his (Kaushik’s) family, but not in his. Your daughter was not like that, she became like that after entering your company. Anurag and Prerna enter. Anurag slaps Kaushik and asks him what is this? Can it go that low? He says he’s confident that Kukki can’t do anything like this, but they haven’t found any evidence to back up Kukki yet. Mohnish says that Kukki was upset and Kaushik was just trying to make her face smile. Anurag says that they should have waited until the investigation was over, the truth would come out that Kukki did nothing. Kaushik says no, that she would be stuck because papers for her number were leaked. And the person who did this is her. Everyone is surprised.

Precap: Anurag requests the director to rustify Kaushik and Mohnish and cancel the rustication of Kukki. Prerna asks Anurag if she doesn’t see that Kaushik and Kukki love each other. Anurag confronts Komolika about Prerna transferring her bets and agrees that she did everything.

Update credit to: Irfan

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