Kasautii Zindagii Kay Sep 25, 2020 Episode Written Update

Kasautii Zindagii Kay Sep 25, 2020 Episode Written Update

The episode starts with Shivani saying that I felt that you are not bad, your sister is bad, you cannot love if you play with people’s lives with drugs, you should be ashamed, I break this marriage immediately, I will explain to my family, you explain to your family. Ronit says please. She says we don’t have any relationship as of now. She says please try … She’s in a cab. She asks you to listen. Priyanka argues with Chandrika. She says that I will tell Samidha that Prerna is her mother, Prerna will have a daughter, Samidha will have her mother, she will be happy. Chandrika says yes, what about your daughter? She hurts Priyanka’s finger and threatens her daughter.

She says the decision is in your hands now, she had lit the fire in the ashram eight years ago, when Prerna got there, she got the news that her daughter died in the fire, Komolika wanted this, I saved the girl to get money . Komolika, Samidha is the golden egg laying hen. Priyanka cries. Samidha gets there. She says she had seen a nightmare, Komolika is chasing me with a knife to kill me, Prerna is fighting with her, she is very hurt, I am afraid. Priyanka hugs her. She says that Komolika can’t hurt Prerna, go and sleep. Samidha asks her to call Prerna once.

Priyanka calls Prerna. Prerna asks if Samidha is okay. Priyanka says yes, she can’t sleep. Samidha says I’m not going to sleep. Prerna asks her to lie down and listen to the lullaby. She sings the lullaby. Samidha smiles. Priyanka looks. Shivani remembers Ronit. She cries. Ronit calls her. She doesn ‘t answer. He sends her a message to talk. She cries.

It is morning, Anurag sees Komolika and says he was with Anupam, we laughed at your deal, you realized the loss of 100 million rupees, spent the night, I thank Prerna for this move, well played, I mean that confused you. She gets angry. She says it’s just the beginning, don’t worry, see what happens next. Priyanka meets Prerna and tells her that I came to review the flower order. Prerna signs the check and gives it to her. Priyanka says thank you very much. Priyanka remembers Chandrika’s words. She says I just want to say that Samidha slept well after listening to the lullaby, their bond is seen less, it is as if they are both mother and daughter. Prerna says it’s beautiful. Priyanka says why don’t you adopt her. Prerna thinks. Komolika is on the way.

She remembers Anurag’s words. Priyanka says sorry, I feel like a child can fill the void in your life, you won’t agree, but if you think about it once. Prerna says no, in fact I’m excited about this, Samidha is not my daughter, but she is like my daughter, she is my heart, of course, I am ready to adopt her. Priyanka smiles. Chandrika says you want to adopt Samidha. Komolika says yes. Chandrika says no, I won’t let you take her, you and Prerna will pay me for her, forgive me. Komolika keeps a knife at her neck. She says no one tries to mess with me, how much money do you want. Chandrika says 2 million rupees. Komolika says I’ll give you 4 million rupees, do the papers quickly. Chandrika goes. Komolika says that Samidha will get caught in the mess, then Prerna won’t be able to fly.

Kuki arrives at the university. Anushka says she knew you didn’t do anything. Kuki says I felt rustic for Kaushik. Kaushik comes and looks. Anushka says she accepted her mistake and saved you. Kuki says he was caught stealing, I feel like he got revenge on me, he tried to take me down, I was so stupid, he tried to take advantage of me. Kaushik takes her with him. Priyanka says we want your and your husband’s sign, if you have any problems, will Mr. Bajaj agree? Prerna remembers her words. She calls him. She says you have to come with me to the orphanage, I want to adopt Samidha, your posters will be needed, what happened. She says it will take me a few hours to get there, I am with you in this decision. Prerna says it’s okay, she will come at some point, prepare the papers. Priyanka says it’s okay, come with me to the ashram, we’ll do it before Chandrika does anything. Kuki asks Kaushik to leave her. Kaushik says I’m angry, I wanted to protect you, I love you, I didn’t want to fall in love with you. She looks at him. Prerna asks what Chandrika will do. Priyanka says I want to help you adopt your Sneha. Prerna says Sneha… ..

Prerna says Sneha left me forever. Anurag asks what. Prerna cries and says that it’s because of you, that you delivered Sneha to the ashram, the ashram caught fire, Sneha died for you. Anurag cries.

Update credit to: Irfan

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