Kasautii Zindagii Kay Sep 26, 2020 Episode Written Update

Kasautii Zindagii Kay Sep 26, 2020 Episode Written Update

The episode begins with Priyanka saying that you said that Samidha looks like your Sneha. Prerna says you know. Priyanka thinks I know, but I can’t tell you the truth, I’ll tell you once your daughter catches up with you. She says yes, I know everything, come. Anushka calls Prerna and tells her you can come to the university, Kuki is fine, Kaushik forcibly took her to the library and closed the door. Prerna says I’m going. She asks Priyanka to call Anurag. Anurag answers the call.

Prerna says that Kaushik locked Kuki in the library, what did you tell him? Says she’s not a bad guy. She says you weren’t bad either, right? He asks if you’re driving, slow down. She says come to college, if something happens to Kuki, I won’t let you. Anurag says I have to hurry, I’ll be back. Kaushik says he didn’t know he would propose like that, sorry. Kuki scolds him. It says well, don’t believe me, don’t say I don’t love you, I’m feeling it for the first time, I love you, I used to get irritated with you, but suddenly, I don’t know that when you made me an imp, I promised Monu that I would not fall in love with No girl, I broke the promise, I can’t live without you Prerna stops Anurag. Priyanka looks. Prerna asks if you asked Kaushik to hurt Kuki, so that you hurt me. He asks what, are you crazy. She says you didn’t think of Samidha and Kuki, why don’t I think this of you? Tell me.

He holds it up and says listen to me and put it in your mind, I didn’t demolish any ashram, I didn’t roast Kuki, I didn’t take revenge, I didn’t try to hurt you, I always have. I supported you in all your decisions, I went against my family and my business just to show that you are right, I cannot think of hurting you, I told the truth, remember this, I always cared about you, I always will, is not to express , I didn’t let you feel this. Anushka says thank God you’ve come, come with me. Kuki says I don’t trust you. Kaushik says look at me. She turns and leaves. He slips on the ladder and holds the grate. Books and things fall on her head. She faints. Kaushik is surprised and runs towards her. The hand is stained with blood. She asks you to open your eyes. He picks it up and takes it out. Anurag and Prerna ask him what happened to him. Kaushik says I have to get her to the hospital right now.

Kuki receives treatment. Prerna scolds him. Anurag asks if Kuki is in this state because of you, tell me. Kaushik says I can’t do this, she misunderstood me, I couldn’t tolerate her, I love her so much, she didn’t understand, I kept trying, she left, so I took her, she said no ‘Believe me, when I told her my feelings, she she was going mad and she slipped, the book shelf became unbalanced and a shield fell on her head, I have her here, I can’t think of doing anything wrong with her, I really love her. Anurag hugs him. Prerna thinks I blamed Anurag, I did wrong. Anurag says it’s okay, don’t cry, if you love someone, it’s a good thing, love is beautiful, keeping it is a test, it’s very difficult.

You get a call and you leave. Anushka says I’m very sorry Kaushik, I got you wrong. Kaushik says that if Kuki understands me, it would be nice. Prerna says don’t worry, give her some time. Komolika asks Anurag to come home. Anurag asks what happened, why are you happy. She asks why I can’t get any jackpot. She says it would mean that you will take away someone’s happiness and rights. She says come quickly. She says I’m going, forgive me. End the call. She says that it is true that he understands me well, my jackpot means that Prerna’s life is ruined. Prerna asks Priyanka to prepare the adoption papers. Priyanka goes. Prerna sees Anurag. Adoption question, why. She asks you ask me? He stops her.

He asks if you are going to adopt a child. She asks why, do you think you can only have one daughter, I have seen her with Komolika, I also want to give love to my daughter, but she is not there. He asks what are you saying. She really asks, it’s about you. He asks what I did. She says you easily forgot, you took everything from me, you pushed me over the bridge, my world changed completely, I died that time, because my Anurag cheated on me, you broke my trust, I loved you so much, I was shattered, I thought of Sneha during my last breath, I realized that I have to live for her, I fought with death and went with her, I came to know that my daughter left me forever. Anurag is surprised. She cries. Ask what. She tells you, stay there, you have done this, you delivered Sneha to the ashram, the fire started there and Sneha died, because of you. He is shocked. Kaushik asks how Kuki is … Run to see Kuki. The nurse says that the patient has fallen into a coma, the doctor is worried, it never happened that someone fell into a coma due to a small injury. Kaushik says I know you’re upset, come back Kuki. He cries.

Prerna cries and says that she couldn’t hold my little baby, that she couldn’t do anything. Anurag cries and thinks of Sneha. Prerna says I couldn’t save her because of you. She says she didn’t know this, Prerna. Hugs her. They cry. Kasauti … play …

Prerna asks if the papers are ready. Priyanka says yes. Chandrika asks what papers. Prerna says I have to adopt Samidha. Chandrika says sorry, someone already adopted Samidha. Chandrika stops Prerna. Priyanka is slapped by Chandrika. Prerna checks the registry and sees Komolika’s name.

Update credit to: Irfan

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