Kasautii Zindagii Kay Sep 30, 2020 Episode Written Update

Kasautii Zindagii Kay Sep 30, 2020 Episode Written Update

The episode begins with Anurag saying that I won’t let Prerna get hurt, that you won’t do anything, stay away from Prerna. Prerna comes home and yells Komolika… She goes to check. Mohini asks when will he leave these middle class things. Nivedita says I’ll call the police. Prerna calls Samidha … Samidha is listening to music. Komolika asks Prerna to speak in a low voice. Prerna asks where Samidha is. Anurag says he didn’t know. Komolika says that you knew everything, what to hide. Anurag says enough, I didn’t know, believe me. Komolika says that you told me to adopt Samidha, before Prerna, as she loves Samidha. Prerna says both of you return my Samidha. Komolika asks what are you going to do with us. Prerna says you lie so much Anurag, Chandrika told me you have my daughter for her. Anurag says yes, I told him to give you Sneha. Komolika asks when did you say that.

Prerna says come back my Samidha, my Sneha back, you knew that Samidha is Sneha, you were acting to cry. Anurag is surprised and asks Samidha if she is Sneha… really. Prerna says I can’t believe it. Komolika says to resolve this matter, I will not return the adoption, do what you want. Kaushik arrives at the tea stand. The man says that Kuki called you. Kuki receives a rose for Kaushik. She apologizes. She asks if you forgive me, I couldn’t trust you, you’re as good as the boy of my dreams. Anushka smiles upon seeing them. Monu is coming. Kuki says I was in shock and I didn’t tell you that I was fine, I am so sorry, I have practiced this a lot, you will hold my hand and you will never leave me. She proposes to him and asks him to say yes, please. People look and ask you to say yes. Kaushik takes Kuki’s hand and hugs it. They smile.

Prerna says my daughter will be with me, it’s my promise, look how I ruin them both, Anurag gave my daughter to the ashram, Komolika paid Chandrika to burn the ashram so that Sneha dies, live your life, I won’t let you Now, you have seen my anger, prepare to face the anger of a mom. Anurag says you are wrong, Prerna. Prerna goes. Komolika says that she always creates a scene, you should be happy that I made you join Sneha. Anurag says that I am breaking up with you. She says you can’t do this. She says don’t show me your face again, I’ll leave you. Mohini and Nivedita look on. Scream now…. Komolika goes.

Mohini says please calm down, I know you will find a solution. Nivedita says that Prerna would have gone to jail if she had stayed longer. Mohini says she wins all the time, she ruined our business. Komolika gets angry. Mohini asks if I said something wrong. Nivedita says you told the truth, Komolika can’t tolerate it, this time Komolika will take care of everything. Anurag sees Samidha and goes to hug her. Abhi mujhmein … play … He remembers his moments and says Sneha … She says Samidha, why are you crying, that I told her I loved Prerna. Anurag says that Prerna is your mom. Samidha says I want this too. He says no, Prerna is your mother, she will tell you everything when you meet her. She says I can see you cry. She says I’m very happy. She says I want to ask, you promised me, you will make Prerna my mom, but can you become my dad?

Anurag cries and says that I have been meeting my daughter for 8 years, sorry, I don’t understand, when I get to Sneha, I don’t know how she will talk to me, you call me dad once. She says dad. He hugs her and says I’ll bring Prerna here, I’ll hide you, until I come back, don’t come out, you can do this for me, we can play this game. She says pinky promise. Komolika asks the thugs to kill Prerna tonight. The bully says we want more money. He says you’ll get money, I want proof of his death. The thugs are leaving. Komolika says that I have planned to kill Prerna, I like challenges. The bully sees Prerna driving. He calls Komolika and says we’ve seen Prerna. She asks them to kill her. The truck follows Prerna’s car.

Komolika asks Mohini what he is doing here. Mohini says he was waiting, you did wrong by challenging Prerna, you will listen to me today. Komolika says it’s okay, tell me. Mohini says that you are not just Anurag’s wife, you are my Bahu, you have returned Anurag’s daughter to us, I am grateful to you, but you have two options, teach Prerna a lesson that she never returns or leave the city. . Komolika question done? She says the second option is boring, the first option is interesting, Prerna will learn a lesson, it will be my final revenge, I hired a hitman to kill Prerna, it will be murder, but it will seem like an accident. Mohini is surprised. Komolika asks why you are surprised. Anurag yells Komolika…. Komolika smiles.

The bully says I think that guy is helping Prerna. Komolika says that if Anurag is helping her, kill him too. Mohini is surprised.

Update credit to: Irfan

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